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How to Improve Your Blog’s SEO

October 9, 2012

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SEO BLOGSEO is a sophisticated technique that can have a powerful impact on traffic. As search engine algorithims become ever more advanced, however, it is essential for webmasters to have a good handle on how to improve the techniques in practice on their sites. Utilizing the following tips, blog owners can easily improve their understanding of SEO, which could have a wonderful impact on the influence of their online destinations.

Use Input to Build SEO

Reader input is one of the most under utilized areas of most blogs. Writing a fantastic post on a particular subject is a good way to fill a blog with content, but it won’t have a huge impact on SEO unless others choose to read and comment on the content in question. Encouraging those comments is a great way to improve SEO.

Rather than sending out a mass message begging for comments or writing fake comments on the site, many bloggers instead try to maximize their efforts by networking with other bloggers. Commenting and sharing on other blogs is a good way to become known by others, increasing the chances that someone will be directed back to the blogger’s site. Networking can also have a host of other benefits, including opening the door for potential guest blogging gigs.

Remember to Utilize Images

Many bloggers don’t give images a second thought, instead thinking these graphic representations do very little to impact the overall efficiency of their SEO strategy. In fact, photos give bloggers the opportunity to utilize keywords in a new location. Use photo captions and tags to complement existing SEO techniques, filling these locations with rich keywords that will encourage search engines to rank the site accordingly. Remember, it is important to still respect the rules of keyword stuffing, and work to make certain that the density of particular words does not supersede traditional guidelines in place.

Spread the Word About Others

Networking is a great place to start building contacts, but sharing a link to content others have developed can supercharge a networking strategy, while also improving a site’s chances of receiving incoming links. When linking to content on other sites, analytic information will be shared with other blogger. Bloggers who see that others are talking about them and sharing their information will be much more likely to engage with the referring blog, and could potentially share a link back to the content. Not only will this improve traffic prospects, but also work to build links.

Build Internal Links

Speaking of links, building these within a site can also be a great way to increase SEO. In many instances, the very presence of links will cause more links to be created on other sites. If content relates to the topic at hand, it can be referred to with a simple link for reference. This will not only help solidify the destination in the eyes of search engines, but can help to keep readers engaged for longer periods of time.

Clean Up the Code

The more convoluted a blog’s coding becomes, the more difficult it will be for search engine spiders to access the information. If excessive plugins are present or large swaths of Flash or Javascript are utilized, consider replacing them with more algorithm-friendly technologies. This can have a dramatic effect on how well search engines document a site.

Building a strong SEO strategy takes hard work and continued investment in the blog. Most bloggers feel the effort is well worth the results it can create. By continually working to make certain the best SEO techniques for a blog are put into practice, bloggers can ensure their destination stays at the top of site ranking heap.

About the Author:

This guest article is by David Ritchie, a freelance writer currently working for Mac scan software company.



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