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How to Increase Ranking by Building Quality Links

March 3, 2012

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Link Building

This is a guest post by Roberta on the importance of quality links. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

In such a competitive world where billions of websites are there on the net, owning a good business website is not enough. In order to have good sales a website needs much more than a catchy domain name.  Building a site presence is must to succeed online.  To get a better search engine ranking, high quality links play a very important role.

In addition to this, the keywords that you have used throughout your page will also make a huge difference in your positioning. Needless to say there are many other factors that one need to understand in order to add up an excellent placement in the search engine ranking.

Let us suppose that if somebody simply says that “I am good”, it’s hard to believe for everyone, but when the same thing is said by somebody else, it will definitely add value. Links play a vital role in creating the prominence that a particular site has within a topic. Both internal links as well as external links are important.

By building a linking system around the WebPages in your website, internal links permits search engines to crawl each & every single page that exists in your website. While external links will increase the popularity of your website, which again helps you rank better in the search engine’s positioning.

A back link from another website serves as a vote for your website, and always remembers that search engines value each vote. But you need to acquire back links from popular & relevant websites only.

There are various aspects used by Google to actually figure out a website position in search engine results. Who you link to is one of the most important aspects that will make a difference on how well your website ranks and also its page rank. You will have to face a problem if you link a website that Google has already banned.

This will surely hurt both your page rank & your search engine position. When a web user wants to search for some information, he/she just type a relevant phrase or topic name into a search engine and start searching, don’t enters a particular web site.

Relevance as well as quality of link both are very important for better search engine positioning and a better page rank. If you have tons of links from websites with low page ranks, they will mean very little to your page rank, but if you have a few links from other websites with good page ranks can make a huge difference to your page rank.  Sometimes reciprocal links are also required in order to convince websites’ owners to place yours’ website link on their webpage.

Be careful who you link to! If you add a link to a website that Google likes then within a small amount of time you will discover that your website has received a better ranking. Before swapping links with any web page make sure if that site is indexed in Google.  Just by applying few techniques you might discover your search engine positioning can rise in about a week or so.

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Roberta Smith is an Entrepreneur who designs and develops solutions for a business. She also writes as a freelancer for a number of online communities and is writing this post for Arizona Kia Dealers

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