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DKSP EP:40 – How to Market on Instagram: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Instagram Marketing

November 13, 2016

Last Updated on - April 18, 2021  

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how to market on instagram

How to Market on Instagram?

I am sure this is one question that anybody who has not seen the potential of Instagram and has never used it for marketing would have. A few others would have tried marketing on Instagram and finally given up because they couldn’t figure out how to market on Instagram.

In fact, I too had wondered as to how could you even think of marketing on a platform that is totally unlike any other social media site. A platform with so many limitations like –

  • you can only post images and videos and no text content
  • you cannot post any links in your post descriptions
  • most of the users are selfie takers, who like sharing their photographs with their circles and keep liking and commenting on photographs
  • and most importantly, can only be managed through a mobile phone.

Now, that’s so many of them especially if you are a marketer.

It took me almost a month to understand how to market on Instagram. And it took me another couple of months to get a very critical question answered – how do you drive traffic to your websites, from your Instagram posts especially when you cannot even post a link in your post descriptions?

How to Market on Instagram

In this episode we will be looking at every single step involved in marketing on Instagram. In fact we will be looking at every activity possible on Instagram and how to market on Instagram using these activities.

Here are some of the things that we will be discussing in this episode –

  • What are the four things that you can do on Instagram?
  • Should you use filters and what are the filters that will generate engagement?
  • How to find content for your posts?
  • What is the right time and frequency to post?
  • What tools to use to automate your Instagram account?

In some of the future episodes we will also be discussing strategies that will generate traffic to your websites, from Instagram.

Resources mentioned in the Episode

All social media strategy has to have automation as a key ingredient. Else you will end up spending a lot of time managing your social media accounts.

We spoke about some tools that could automate Instagram management and some other tools that could help you with creating content for Instagram. If you want to know more about all the Instagram Marketing tools, you can check out Episode 36.

Here are the resources that we spoke about in this episode –

  1. Instagress – Instagram Automation Tool
  2. Stencil – Image designing tool
  3. Canva – Image designing tool
  4. Buffer – Instagram Posting tool
  5. Hooper – Instagram Posting tool
  6. Grum – Instagram Posting tool

Thank You for Joining

I would like to thank you all for joining me in today’s episode and I hope you all liked it.

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