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How to Pull in More Fans to your Facebook Brand Page?

June 13, 2012

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facebook fansThis is a guest post by Sudha on how to pull in more fans for your facebook brand page?You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

Facebook, the social networking giant, has become a mainstay of the web experience for half of the world and there is no denying the fact that it is second to Google in its importance to Internet marketers. As a brand, you will create a Facebook business page, but will fans come?

As per a study conducted by Allfacebook.com, only 0.5% of your fans visit a brand’s page after they have “liked” it. Never assume that fans see your page’s posts via their news feed. The worst paradox businesses face while marketing through Facebook brand pages is that the fans ignore this marketing content, even if it is pushed to them via the news feed, on a weekly basis.

When I log on to my Facbook account, I am not very pleased to see this product-related content, packaged in a Facebook-friendly way, to tempt users to click on the like button. Though, I am on Facebook for socializing, but I would never “friend” a boring brand.

So, what is the criteria of pulling in more fans to a facebook brand page?

Fanbase can not be built over-night and a Facebook brand page does not work like a magic wand that will drive all the web traffic to your website. Mere posting regular status updates and addressing to the queries of your fans does not promise an increased visibility and traffic to your main website.

Check out these simple and free tips to rehabilitate your fan base on Facebook:

  1. Get Facebook widget on your blog or website, as it will increase the chances of your followers or visitors liking your FB page. Embedding Facebook Fan Box on your website gives the visitors an opportunity to become a fan of the Page by simply clicking a button on that widget. Check out widget installation process at Facebook Developer Wiki.
  2. Share your fan page with your friends and colleagues and also say them to share on their walls. If you run an organization, you can offer incentives to your employees for bringing certain amount of likes for your page. As they say, money makes the mare go.
  3. Use your brand page url in your signature when emailing and ask your employees to do the same. Be it a company of 500 employees, or a small start-up of 50 people, adding brand page url in the signature will make a difference.
  4. Visit other fanpages related to your niche. Locate posts where a lot of people have left their comments. Like as much comments as you can in the similar niche. When a user sees his comment being liked by a stranger, he would surely want to know more about that person. If you have a business page that is in sync with the post where they had commented on, it is highly likely that the user clicks the “like” button on your fan page.
  5. Run competitions with prizes and ask participants to “Like” your Facebook page in order to enter the contest. Ask them a question and give them multiple answers to choose from. Sharing the picture and name of the Fan of the week’ is a beautiful way to acknowledge your fans.
  6. Link your brand page to Twitter so that your posts on Facebook are automatically posted to Twitter. You can also display your brand page url on your Twitter account description, which is visible to your twitter followers. You can also ask your team members to add this url in their profile info as well.
  7. Display your facebook page url on your business card, letter head, brochures or whatever you use as a medium to promote your business offline.

This social networking website has become the mainstream focus for nearly all businesses, who promote their products and services by engaging with fans and running contests. But the new Facebook Like button and Fan box help convert website visitors into Facebook fans by bringing content from Facebook brand page to a website. If a user is already logged into his Facebook account, he can become a fan, without moving away from the site!

About the Author:

Sudha Thakur is a content curator who has written on a wide variety of topics including VOIP technology, social media marketing, mobile video sharing, website development methodologies and latest gadget reviews. Rite now she is working as a Content Strategist for Thwapr – a mobile media sharing technology.

About the author 

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