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How to Secure Your PayPal Account from Hacking

May 14, 2012

Last Updated on - May 14, 2012  

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This is a guest post by Susan on securing your PayPal account. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

PayPal is today one the most sought after payment system. If you are an affiliate marketer, I am sure you will prefer a payment mode through PayPal, primarily because of the low fees and charges. Other modes of payment like Wire Transfer and Direct Deposit involves a lot of charges which means that your commissions effectively are lower than it actually was.

But is PayPal a safe method?

While statistics say that PayPal is safe, it is extremely important that you too be cautious about your account and the way you transact.

Popularity of PayPal

With booming online presence of different business enterprises, self employed activities and blogging, the role of PayPal has really improved in financial transactions. People are using the platform to get or send payments online through PayPal but it should be noted here that your account can be easily hacked. This becomes an easy target for the hackers and your money gat lost or transferred where you never wanted. The trend of fake emails and immediate opening of emails on PayPal is the biggest concern which leads the hackers to enter into your personal account.

Protecting PayPal accounts from hackers

Well, there are a number of things to consider when you think of protecting the account on PayPal from hackers. With increasing risks and concerns over the safety of those accounts, it becomes really essential to take care of some important steps and tips. You should be in regular contact with the customer support of the website and try to report any mischief or activity which bothers you about the protection of PayPal account. It further becomes important for you to change your password on regular basis rather than keeping the same lock for a whole year.

How to keep PayPal account safe from hacking

  • The valued account users should always try to avoid clicking the masked links. Whenever you are asked to click links that contain some brackets and hrefs coded in HTML tags, you should definitely avoid them. In place, you can type the URL manually in your browser to visit the official pages.
  • It should be noted here that everything related to your PayPal transactions and balance will be displayed on the official webpage of the company. What happens if you are provided with fake and spam emails? When clicked, these links will try to steal your personal data like account balance, user ID and password which is not a good safety indication. Thus, it is always suggested that to not click on the emails that notify you of paid or any sort of transactions.
  • When you receive emails from PayPal, you should always check the email header to verify whether it has come from the genuine source. In fact, the website never asks for your password once you have registered but hackers will do the same.
  • The internet experts also suggest of typing https://www.paypal.com which will lead you to most secure and official website. The letter‘s’ which http ends with should be taken care of. This is in fact, an internet protocol which is the sign that you are visiting a secured webpage.
  • One of the most secured ways of protecting PayPal account from hacking is to often change your password. Hackers usually crack the passwords by using the Dictionary Attack. Many a people and PayPal; users also take help from password managers like KeyPass which is free and open source.
  • Hackers may also use key logger software or programs in hidden mode on your desktop. Thus, it becomes important for you to make use of on-screen keyboard while logging into your PayPal account.

Summary: –

For keeping your PayPal account safe from hackers, you should always try to keep alphanumeric passwords while changing them. Use of on-screen keyboard is also recommended and never click on the spam, fake or masked links in your account.

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