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How to Turn Your Online Visitors into Customers

August 14, 2012

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online customerDrawing visitors to your website can be a difficult enough mission, involving considerable expense. Well, it is easy to accept that not every visitor is in the market to purchase your goods or services that particular day or month, you have to know that your site has made enough impression on them that they have made a mental or even physical bookmark that will remind them to come back and look for you when they are ready to make a purchase.

The average person who surfs the web on a regular basis is generally not in the market to buy something for most of the websites that they visit. The chances are that they have come across your particular website by chance, and one of your products or services has captured their imagination.

The trick is not to lose their attention and to convert their interest into a sale in as few steps as possible. The moment the customer is given an excuse to move onto the next website then the chances are that that moment has passed.

So how to convert curiosity into action, a passing interest into an order placed and have a customer won

The first step is to provide them with as much information as they need, and in steps and stages that will neither confuse them or leave them with too many questions unanswered. Every step of the sales process has to be well thought out in advance and will eventually the client to the place you want them to be- the checkout desk.

Many consumers, business or private, are still uncertain of the procedures of making online purchases. That means stages of constant reassurance were questions such as payment options and delivery methods are clearly laid out . Depending on the nature of the business, if a customer has a question that would benefit from a rapid reply, having a live chat option is a great way of closing the sale. Less attractive but still functional are telephone and rapid reply e-mail options.

If the nature of the website is more to promote business to business interaction, then once again the importance of layout should be emphasized. What works for that consumer will almost certainly not work for a business client. The design of the site will need to be completely different as will the content.

The business world will be on the lookout for a more solid looking web site, with more in depth information. If the product or service being marketed is more technical in nature, than detailed specifications need to be included, even in a downloadable PDF Format if necessary.

The business client will be less likely to look for instant communication, and will be happy to make contact, at least initially through e-mail.

The most important common denominator between both types of sites is that any site visitor will be able to find what they are looking for, and that lines of communication are clearly available.

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