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If You’re Ready to Submit Your Site Read This First

March 12, 2010

Last Updated on - May 21, 2015  

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strategyURL submission to large search engines and URL directories is continually done incorrectly. Here you will learn to obtain the best possible outcome from your search engine and URL directory submissions.

The Strategy:

Deal with your search engine submissions and URL directory submissions separately.

Most individuals wrongly think that search engines and site directories are pretty much the same. You should remember, a search engine employs a system that goes through web pages for specific keywords and yields a list of websites. Furthermore a search engine consists of 2 parts, a crawler and an indexer. The crawler is the system that uncovers the web pages, and the indexer, accumulates, dissects and hives away information to perform fast and accurate information recovery.

A site directory trusts on individuals for there website listings. The largest difference between a search engine and a site directory is that a site directory will not make use of a crawler or spider. In other words, a site directory won’t list your site if you do not register with the site directory. Site directories are usually split up into specific categories and you must submit your web page under the most appropriate category.

Since the search engines and URL directories are so different, you must develop your submission strategies on an individual basis.

Some Search Engine Submission Tips For Your URL.

  • To receive optimal results in search engines and website directory inquiries, keywords and key concepts should be placed strategically within your web pages.
  • Other components that affect search engine results are the layout of your site, how often your keywords are placed in your site, keyword prominence, and keyword placement.
  • Be sure to submit single website pages to search engines. You are only allowed to submit your main URL to all the site directories.
  • In general, we prefer to present 3-7 pages at a time to the engines to avert a spam punishment. Keeping this in mind, we do not advise that you present the same pages to the search engines within a short time.
  • We suggest that you should get your main page accepted in a URL directory before you try to have more of your other website pages listed. This way you will stand a greater chance of having a greater extent of pages listed in a URL directory if your main page has been indexed initially. The time that passes between website submission and addition to the search engines or website directories results is known as the lead time. Keep it at a reasonable limit.

Monitoring your Submissions:

We are avid believers in employing high quality site statistics programs. In fact, we can’t believe that anyone can have a winning web based business without it.

You can see the results of your search engine optimization and link building exertions in your website stats. You will be able to examine the keywords used, the URL’s giving you the most visitors, the website browsers used to view your homepage, the time your URL is seen, etc. Watching this information will allow you a well defined profile of your site’s traffic.

Afterwards, using this data, you can tweak the HTML and content to the fullest to better accommodate your visitors.

A home based online business that practices search engine optimization as a web based marketing system, will use this submission, watching, and tweaking system. URL submission is a constant, ongoing process due to the fact that search engines invariably modify their listing algorithms.

We advise that you resubmit a web page to the main search engines once a month or, if there has been a significant modification to a website or if a page has been dropped from the results.

If your web page has been indexed into a site directory, you may then submit other web pages inside your main URL to other categories in the directories. Following the fact that your URL has been admitted to a site directory, you should not be required to resubmit it to the same directory again unless your business has radically changed and your site now belongs in a different URL category.

Photograph courtesy Kriss Szkurlatowski

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