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Improve Domain Authority using the FREE Backlink System

March 6, 2011

Improve Domain Authority

How to Improve domain authority?

Domain Authority is something that is not understood by everyone. When it comes to improving you page rank and getting ranked in search engines, people will blindly go about putting all their efforts into building links to their websites. This is not a bad thing to do. You will, indeed need a lot of backlinks to your websites if you are to impress the search engine gods.

But, what is a good backlink and how can backlinks help to Improve Domain Authority?

Good Backlink –

It is difficult to define a good backlink. All backlinks are good unless if it is from a Spammy website. I am sure, like me you too, would not want to be called a spammer. Even that one link from a website that is marked for spamming can be harmful for the reputation of your website.

While there are a lot of people who profess that backlinks from domains like .info and .net are worthless, I consider it otherwise. Any backlink from a website with any domain extension, that has the credibility of providing valuable content and information to its readers is a good backlink. So, if a website on a .info domain provides extremely valuable content as compared to a .com website and if Google has acknowledged this fact, then do you really think that a backlink from this website were be considered as value less by Google?

So build backlinks from all kind of websites. Links from website in your own niche is the most preferred but at the same time, I will not mind a backlink from a PR 5 website even if it is not in my niche. All that is important to improve domain authority is backlinks. If you are wondering how, then let me explain the entire phenomenon.

How can backlinks improve Domain Authority?

A link from one domain to another is seen by search engines as if it is an association between the two domains. One domain is linking to the other just because it feels that the other domain is valuable and can provide additional value to its visitors.

So a domain is considered to be an authority if search engines see that there are lots of websites linking to it and are hence eager to create an association with the domain.

In order to improve Domain Authority, a lot of aspects needs careful consideration. Good quality backlinks from quality websites is one the most important aspect. At the same time it is also important that the links be from pages which have very limited outbound links. Else the link juice gets distributed and there is no value that your domain will gain out of the backlink.

It is also important that you create these backlinks to even the innermost pages in your website. Backlinks to these inner pages will mean that there are also extremely valuable in terms of content and would hence improve the confidence of the search engines. If the backlinks you create are from diverse websites, then it adds to the fact that your domain in indeed authoritative.

One of the key aspects in improving search engine rankings is to improve domain authority.

Where to get Good backlinks and improve domain authority?

Blogs can build backlinks very easily. There are thousands of blogs that offer do-follow links. Commenting regularly on such blogs are one way to getting links. Guest posting is another way of getting backlinks. Such backlinks can hence improve the domain authority of blogs very easily.

While blogs can do this very easily, other websites have to put in some real effort to build backlinks. Because these websites are static websites unlike blogs which publish dynamic content, link building in depth is very difficult and indeed requires a lot of effort.

The “FREE backlink system” from Jonathan Teng is another simple way to build a lot of quality backlinks. This system can help you build more than 3,000 backlinks to any website.

At $10.00, it is a bargain. It has a lot of value to offer at this less a price.

You can check out the “FREE Backlink System” here.

Build a lot of quality backlinks with this system and improve domain authority for you websites and blogs.

About the author 

Dilip Kumar  -  

My name is Dilip. I am a fan of the internet and love the many opportunities that the world wide web provides. If used constructively , the internet can give you an opportunity to lead a life free of the 9-5 treadmill and will be able to give more time to your family members. Read about internet entrepreneurship at my blog.

  • There are blogs that provide a dofollow link in their comments. The best way to find such blogs are to look for comment luv installed blogs. These are ones that will improve you domain authority.

  • Dilip! i fully agree with you regarding blogs importance for creating quality back links. in fact blogs commenting on do follow blogs generate huge number of back links. Another important point is the use relevant post writings with anchor text. only care in this is the density and placement of anchor texts and relevancy with the niche of your business website. thanks for the great article.   

  • Thanks for visiting and commenting.
    You are absolutely right in the fact that one has to take care that he is posting comments in sites that are relevant to his niche. Density and placement is also an important factor to be kept in mind. I recommend, only one link per comment. More than this looks like spamming and these days most wordpress blogs have spam blockers like Aksimet which will block such comments.

    • To some extent it is true, if the source you are using to generate these backlinks are not the White hat ones. Otherwise it is extremely powerful.

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