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5 Things to Avoid in the Morning in Order to Improve Productivity and Performance by 300%

February 16, 2016

Last Updated on - February 16, 2016  

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improve productivity and performance

What is your productivity coefficient?

That’s a tricky question, I agree!

There are a lot of times when at the end of the day, I look back at how the day went and feel upset at the fact that I couldn’t accomplish anything worthwhile in the entire day.

How many times has this happened to you?

Poor Productivity is a problem everywhere, be it the manufacturing industry or, the service industry. Which is why techniques like Kaizen was developed which primarily aimed at eliminating waste.

And when there is nobody watching over our actions, it becomes an even bigger problem to tackle, which is what happens in internet marketing.

Internet marketing gives you the flexibility to work your own hours and in your own way. It requires setting stringent goals and targets for yourself and then marching towards it. But while you do that, it becomes important that you avoid every one of those things that can hamper your productivity.

Improve Productivity and Performance – Avoid these things

It surprises me, how addicted we are to our phones. In fact mobile phones is one of the biggest reason for loss of productivity. According to a survey published at Huffington post, 58% of smartphone users don’t go even an hour without checking their phones. Imagine the amount of productivity loss that this could be leading to.

mobile phone addiction

Most people often keep checking their phones without any reason. And about 80% of us sleep with our phones next to our bed. Even more surprising is the fact that, checking our smartphone for alerts and emails is something that almost 67% of us do, the first thing after we wake up in the morning. Is that you?

In addition to using all of those productivity tools and techniques, avoiding these 5 things can immensely help you improve productivity and performance. While I agree that it will be difficult to bring about that change in us, it is important that we keep in mind that internet marketing is all about changing some of age old habits.

Don’t check your mobile phone the first thing in the morning

If you are one of those who pickup your mobile phones and check for alerts, text messages, news, sports updates or, even your Whatsapp messages then stop doing it.

About 67% of smartphone users do this everyday and they never realize the amount of time they waste in doing that.

Checking your mobile phones the first thing in the morning affects you in 2 ways. Firstly, you waste that precious and important time of the day when you brain is at it best. You could have used this time to brainstorm on your blog post idea or, maybe gathering ideas for that next chapter for your book.

Secondly, you waste that time of the day which is normally considered to be the most productive. Yes, that’s right. Early mornings are considered to be the most productive time in a day and you will agree to it when you experience it.

Keep that phone away from you and spend the morning doing something productive.

Don’t open your email account when you immediately login

What is the first thing that you do in the morning when you login to your computer. If you said, “checking email” then the good thing is that you are not alone and the bad thing is that by doing this you are stopping yourselves from succeeding because successful people don’t check emails the first thing in the morning.

There is a lot that has been said about why you shouldn’t check emails the first thing in the morning. But the most important of all of this is the fact that you are actually wasting the most important part of your day for somebody else’ needs and demands. You are waking up and immediately preparing yourself to get distracted with everybody else’s needs. This is a huge impact on your productivity and you are losing some precious hours which you could otherwise have used working on your project ideas.

Set that Newspaper aside – it is the same news everyday

Do you really think that the Newspaper has anything new to offer you? It might sound a little weird but, it is the fact. Journalism has become more of a business these days than a resource. Whatever can make more money appears on the front page of the newspaper. And since people are more interested in negative news, newspapers like to keep relaying these news again and again.

Unless you are somebody who finds a piece of news in the Newspaper, a motivation towards self-development, I would recommend that you keep the Newspaper aside at least in the morning. Don’t waste your time reading the same news again and again. To stay updated with what is happening around you, spend 30 minutes in the evening or, whenever you feel like taking a break.

Instead spend that time on something constructive that will help shape your future.

A To-Do list for the Morning is important

One of the biggest problems that we all face in the morning is starting off blank and not knowing what to do, when you login to your computer.

Planning your day is important. But planning for your mornings is the most important.

Before you log off for the night, ensure that you spend about 10 minutes to jot down 3-4 things that you want to do, the first thing in the morning. Rank them in order of priority so that you know which is the one to be addressed first. These activities will be small tasks that would not take more than 30 minutes.

You might want to ensure that you are adding enough details to the list. Also keep them short so that you feel motivated to finish them off the first thing in the morning.

Your Phone Notifications can wait until the second half of the day

Mobile phones have taken over our lives. We have forgotten how to live because we are busy texting or, browsing on the phone. I liked this video that I saw on Facebook, which is truly worth watching.

Our mornings too have been taken up by notifications on our mobile phones. Because that is the first thing that I check when I wake up in the morning.

Mute your notifications so that you don’t get distracted. This will help to stay focused on what your priorities for the day are and thus will help you be more productive.

To Conclude… Over to You!

Which of the above has been the most distracting for you? Which of these do you think are the ones that has impacted your productivity? Or, is there something else that is more distracting that the ones that I spoke about today.

I would be interested in hearing from you. You can post your thoughts in the comment box below and I will respond to each one of them. You can also write to me using the contact button here.

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