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SEOLinkvine Review Are you struggling with your efforts to increase search engine ranking for your website?

You might have browsed through numerous pages in order to find a solution to boost your search engine rankings and would be all confused as to what to do next. It is not an unlikely situation to be in, because that is how internet marketing and online businesses work.

You might not be a stranger to the term, “Backlinks” by this time and you might also be aware that the easiest method to increase search engine ranking is to get as many quality backlinks as possible from authoritative sites.

Then let me first start by asking you to name the one most preferred way of getting good quality backlinks – Article Marketing?? Is that what you said? If you are one of whom said that, then full marks to you. If not, then you have learned something new here.

Yes, that is right! Article Writing and submission is one of the best ways to get high quality backlinks. You have to write numerous good and relevant articles and submit them to the top 15-20 article directories and ezine publishers and wait for these to get indexed. But, the million dollar question is – How will you write so many different articles to ensure that you don’t get banned for duplicate content?

All of these woes is addressed by one unique service that Brad Callen (the Keyword Elite Guy) has launched. This is called as SEO Link Vine.

What is SEO Link Vine?

SEO Link Vine is the same concept of getting backlinks that we were discussing a couple of paragraphs above but with a new age approach and polish applied to it.

Everything works the same way. You write an article and submit it – not to the article directories, instead to SEO Link Vine, which has an article spinner service which will help you churn out numerous unique articles from the same article. It will then submit these articles to hundreds and thousands of high quality blogs and websites which have high pageranks. This in turn will mean high quality links for your chosen keywords from authoritative websites and higher search engine rankings.

If you are wondering, this service is a legitimate one or, not, then don’t worry. It is an absolute white hat method and Brad Callen is itself the brand that stands behind this service.

Why am I so confident about this service? Because I was amongst the first ones to sign up for it and this has boosted one of my websites’ search engine rankings to the first page of Google thus increasing the traffic and in turn – the DOLLARS from the sale of the product advertised on the website.

I recommend that you check out SEOLinkVine today itself and sign up for it before they close the doors for any new signups.


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  1. It’ll be interesting to see your results. Just reading the sales page it sounds exactly the same as My Article Network. All of Callen’s guru buddies are promoting it like it’s the greatest thing ever so I guess we’ll see.

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