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Influencer Marketing Best Practices to Get Ready for the Future in Marketing

September 24, 2016

Last Updated on - September 21, 2020  

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influencer marketing best practices

What’s the next big thing in marketing?

A lot of marketers are vouching for influencer marketing due to its effectiveness and cost-friendly nature. In fact, several studies have been conducted in regards to this channel, proving how effective it is in boosting various aspects of performance.

It has been shown to help brands in improving their visibility and generating more leads through influencers. Influencer marketing also seems to be quite effective in boosting conversions and garnering loyalty of customers.

Influencer Marketing – Why is it the next big thing?

You may be wondering whether there’s proof behind all these claims. Augure conducted a study just to determine the effectiveness of influencer marketing. Understanding the figures from this study can help you understand how this channel can help you with growing your business.

Take a look at some of the facts from the Augure study:

  • The study discovered that influencer marketing is found to be an effective marketing channel according to 69% of marketers who’ve used it.
  • When you’re looking to gain more visibility for your brand, influencer marketing could be highly effective. This was found to be true by a massive 93% of marketers who found it to be an effective channel for brand awareness.
  • As for lead generation, 75% find influencer marketing to be an effective channel. Influencers recommending your product means they help create desire to buy the product in your target audience, driving them to you.
  • Influencer marketing has also been found to help brands build long-term, genuine relationships with customers. 76% of marketers say that the channel is effective for building loyalty in customers.

Influencer Marketing Best Practices – Overcoming challenges

Although influencer marketing comes with a host of beneficial impacts, every marketing channel comes with a few flaws and challenges that make things difficult for marketers.

Influencer marketing too has several challenges that you need to be aware of in order to execute a successful campaign. Take a look at some of the biggest influencer marketing challenges:

  • 75% say finding the right influencers is the biggest challenge
  • 69% say the second biggest challenge is to find the right engagement tactics
  • 53% say the third biggest challenge is to measure the performance of a campaign

You’ve now understood the benefits of influencer marketing and why it’s the next big thing in marketing.

As for the challenges, you can check out the influencer marketing best practices infographic from Shane Barker to find out the best tools and ideas that will help you overcome them.


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