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Video WP01 – How to Install WordPress Complete with all the Essential Plugins and Themes

November 15, 2014

Last Updated on - November 15, 2014  

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install wordpressAnd you thought you knew everything about how to Install WordPress!

Not to offend you. But in a minute you will start to thing if that statement was actually meant for you. WordPress is one amazing platform. I still remember the time when I was not aware of WordPress. I would spend hours coding each of my websites in HTML, ASP or, PHP and still there would be hundred bugs in it and another hundred things that the site would not do. I would then spend hours writing javascript to incorporate all of those.

And will I be satisfied with what I see.. Naaah! in many cases.

Today, all of my 93 sites are on WordPress. No more coding, no more fiddling with any script. Any additional feature that I want, I have a plugin.

WordPress has come a long way since I first saw it. A crude interface to an unfriendly editor and a handful of themes. And here we are today with thousands of theme frameworks leaving us in a dilemma as to which one to choose and then another thousand or, more plugins. Yet what has not changed is the famous 5-minute install that still is a part of WordPress.

How to Install WordPress – The Pain Area

If you think I am contradicting myself, then…no. I am not.

Installing WordPress is a cakewalk, even if you have no clue about what to do. But the real trouble comes, when you want to customize it. And if you are somebody like me, who wants to run affiliate sites on WordPress, then it becomes all the more painful because of the fact that you are going to do it with each and every one of your wordpress install.

I use a set of FREE plugins that I download from the WordPress repository, on almost all of my blogs and affiliate sites. But if I need to do that on all my blogs, it literally takes hours and since the job is repetitive, it is an absolute waste of time.

Want to see how I simplify this entire process with a tiny little tweak?

Then watch this complete video. I do a simple little tweak to the already simple WordPress installation process and that addresses this problem. When I login to my WordPress blog after I install wordpress, I have all my plugins there. All I need to do is just activate it and I am done.

So watch this video that shows you how to install wordpress, plugins-ready!

WP-Pipeline – An Easy Way to Install WordPress and Manage it!

Okay! So you might have heard me talking about a plugin that I use to centrally control all of my WordPress blogs. It’s a very handy little plugin especially for people who manage multiple blogs.

While installing the same plugin on multiple blogs is indeed a problem, there are numerous other problems that comes with WordPress, the biggest being updating the WordPress files, themes and plugins. Imagine, if I had to login to all of my 93 blogs to do that. By the time I finish one round of doing it, the next set of updates would be ready..lol..

WP-Pipeline simplifies this for me. The process is simple.

I have WP-Pipeline installed on one of my blog that I use as a Control Panel. I can login to all of my blogs from there with a single click. I can update everything from there – my themes, plugins and the WordPress files. I can install all my plugins and themes from this central dashboard, onto all of my blogs.

Now, onto the best part.

I can easily create backups, clone my blogs and even restore my files… again all with a few clicks.

Doesn’t it look like a genie? It indeed is. And you will realize that when you use it.

If you are interested in checking out WP-Pipeline, you can click the link below and order it today!

==> Order WP-Pipeline Today!

PS: If you choose to do so, I will earn a small commission for showing and directing you to an amazing tool.

Just in case you want to know about all of the recommended plugins that I use on all my WordPress blogs and you want a copy of the file I showed you in the video above, you can download it from the below link.


I will try to keep the versions updated. But if for some reason, you see that the files are not up-to-date, you can just do a bulk update from inside your WordPress Blog.

Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts about the video by commenting below. Also don’t forget to share it if your liked it.

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