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Is tagging your post important?

February 14, 2009

Importance of Tags

As I was Stumbling upon a few blogs of interest to me I came across some very good blogs, that were especially new. The content was exceptionally good and so was the style of writing. I enjoyed reading the blog entries. As I dissected through them to find things of interest to me, I found one startling thing. These blogs had no tags. That made “Tagging” an interesting post to write on.

Do you think, tagging a post is important?

A lot many bloggers are of the opinion that tagging is not very important and it can be done away with. There are many reasons why they feel so. Bloggers that belong to this group feel that the search engine algorithms are capable of reading keywords in a blog and they do not need a ‘tag’ to crawl through a blog post. How far this is true is something for them to prove because experience says otherwise.

A normal webpage has 3 very important meta tags, if they are Search Engine Optimized. These are the “Keywords”, “Description” and the “Title” tags. The keywords tags in a webpage is a collection of the most relevant keywords that are specific to the topic in the webpage. Search engine robots crawl the content in these webpages referencing the content to the keywords. Depending upon how the keywords are used in the webpage, the search engines then index them.

The earlier blogs never had a way of setting up the keywords, description and title tags. But with the variety of plugins offered by platforms like WordPress, now gives us the flexibility of doing this with your blogs and each individual blogposts as well.

Too many tags
Too many tags

Now you might be puzzled as to why do you need a “Tag”, when you can add “Keywords” meta tags to your blog posts. This is where most of the top bloggers win over the earlier-talked about anti-tag bloggers. Blogs are like webpages, hence keywords and descriptions and titles are important for them to rank in search engines. But the fact of the matter is that you get the most traffic to your blogs from Blog directories like Technorati, Blog Catalog etc. The “Tags” in your blog is the food for these directories. When your blog pings most of these directories, they crawl your blog post to check for relevant “tags” and your blog gets indexed and shown in the topics that are related to these “Tags”. Thus you blog gets targetted traffic and attention from people who are interested in the topics on which you write.

In addition to this, over the past few years, I have noticed that search engines have also started liking the “tags” in your posts. I tag my blogs after quite a bit of research and I found that I was able to rank well for such tags, in almost all search engines.

Tagging you blog post is very important. At the same time too many tags are harmful, because that could lead the search engines to think that you are stuffing you webpage with too many keywords. Hence it is very important to maintain a balance. The thumb rule says that about 2-3 relevant tags is what is required. Follow this rule and you would be loved by the search engines.

Happy tagging and blogging.

Photographs courtesy:-
– “Tagged” by adulau under Creative Common License
– “Too many tags” by Sheldonshwartz under Creative Common License

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