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Justin Mitchie’s Carbon Copy Commissions Review

March 26, 2012

Last Updated on - April 22, 2021  

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carbon copy commissions review

In Carbon Copy Commissions Review we are looking at a latest launch by Justin Mitchie – Carbon Copy Commissions.

I got a couple of mails in the past few days asking me why is it that I have taken to reviewing a lot of products all of a sudden.

Does that question require an answer?

In addition to the fact that I generate income from all my reviews, I also am very particular about the fact that I only review products that I feel actually work and something that is worthy of a purchase.

In the past, I had never attempted of obtaining a review copy or, reviewing products because I myself was not too satisfied with these launches. Moreover, probably my site was not considered that huge a heavyweight to be given a review copy. Hence tho product reviews were only the ones that I had used myself.

The situation has changed now. All of the above is happening, review copies, recommendations to newbies etc. Hence I thought I will get into an official mode of reviewing products.

While I do these reviews, I promise I will not overdo it. So it is time now for my latest review – carbon copy commissions review.

Carbon Copy Commissions review – The base

Justin Mitchie launched his latest product a couple of days back. The title of this post – carbon copy commissions review should tell you the name of the product, doesn’t it? (LOL)

Initially intended to be launched at Clickbank, Justin had to make an alternate launch. This is primarily due to the fact that Clickbank has changed the way sales letters have  written. They have amended their policies and hence most of the latest launches are having to lookout for alternate platforms to launch their products.

Justin’s product is one that is focused on affiliate marketing and promises to give you a simple method of making money online at Clickbank and our carbon copy commissions review will check it out to see if it really delivers on its promise.

In this product, Justin teaches you step-by-step methods of generating income in 5 different ways –

  1. Generate a huge amount of Traffic from Youtube without creating a video.
  2. Outsource your daily activities without spending anything for this.
  3. Selling to a group of compulsive buyers, without a real product (no..that is not affiliate marketing or, PLR).
  4. Money making strategy using Micro Work Sites.
  5. Promote products using paid ads, but you don’t pay for it.

Let us now get into details in our carbon copy commissions review.

Carbon Copy Commissions Review – The Real Deal

There was a few things that we clearly disliked in the product in our carbon copy commissions review. We will be outright about it and let’s discuss that first.

Part 1 of the product looks at a method which has been covered by a lot of people, though it is refreshing to see a different approach to it. Same is the case with part 5 which too was old wine in a new pack. Nevertheless, these two are absolutely working models.

While we felt that these 2 parts were put in there to fill up the product, the remaining 3 strategies provided and extremely new and a working approach to making money. If I were you, I will concentrate on these 3 methods and keep the other 2 as backup method.

The course was extremely easy to understand, had a simple flow of information and had continuity. The material was well made and from a newbie standpoint we were satisfied from the carbon copy commissions review.

Concluding our Carbon Copy Commissions review

Overall, we were satisfied with the product and the information contained therein and it is a definite recommend, at least for newbies. Justin provides extremely good support and the product also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

So if you are dissatisfied with anything, just ask for a refund.

Moreover, at only $37.00 the product is worth it. There are a host of upsell, though which is usual with such launches, which you may or, may not buy – depends entirely on you.

Check out carbon copy commissions here.

For people who are liked our carbon copy commissions review and wish to promote the product, you can check it out here.

Don’t forget to tell us about our review and watch my official carbon copy commissions review video here.

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