Kontera’s New Synapse Engine – Opportunity to earn more



Are you optimally monetizing your blogs or, website?

If you are not using an in-text advertising in your blog, then you are not optimally monetizing it.

Why is it that I have boldened the word “Optimally”?

Most of the blogs are monetized because that is the primary objective behind every blog. While monetization is important it is also important that you maintain the user experience and do not destroy it. This leads us to the point that obtrusion in the form of pop-ups and other banners should be kept to the minimum.

While most of the blogs manage to do this they loose out on valuable revenue that they could otherwise be earning.

There is definitely a solution to it – “in-text advertising“. While this ensures that even the text in your articles are monetized, it also ensures that it doesn’t affect the reader experience. Add to it the point of relevance and you have a winner at your disposal.

In-text advertising is one of the best monetization techniques so far as blogs are concerned. In addition to the fact that it does not encroach upon vital website real estate, it also ensures that only relevant advertising is displayed. But one vital part of this experience is the decision on which in-text advertising platform to select.

I have tried both inLinks and Kontera and would any day recommend Kontera. It is easy to get approved at Kontera whereas inLinks has a typical system of approval and not all sites will get approved. Worst, that you cannot even submit your website again.

Kontera is extremely easy to use. If you are on WordPress, you can install Kontera on your blog using the plugin. Just install the plugin and you are good to go. You will need a publisher ID though, which you can get by signing up at Kontera.

Kontera now, launched a new technology called as the Synapse Engine and this is what they had to say about it –

Kontera Synapse makes the most relevant associations for end users, by identifying their topics of interest and predicting intent. For advertisers, Kontera Synapse massively aggregates and engages the most qualified audience from across the web.

The in-text relevance has been extremely good with Kontera and with this new Synapse engine, I am sure it will only get better. You can sign up today at Kontera and start monetizing your websites immediately.

Check out Kontera today itself!!


Update – Kontera is now Amobee and isn’t quite what the old Kontera used to be. You wouldn’t really find in-text link advertising options on Amobee any more.

But as a substitute, I would recommend checking out Skimlinks. You can check out a handy guide here.


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