Launching the FREE Blog Installation Package


Free Blog Installation

Would you like to get a FREE Blog Installation?

No article this time round. Just an announcement. There are lots of similar offers available out there on the internet. But I thought I will offer a little more to my readers and “make an offer you cannot refuse”.

My team is anyways involved in website designing and development. I also have a team that does blog installation on payment. I thought why not use this team and make a special offer for you all.

I am giving away a FREE blog installation to anyone who is interested.

This Blog Installation comes with many features like installation of 10 free plugins and a free theme etc. In addition to this you also get a limited period offer on hosting plans as well.

In case you are really interested, you can check out the details in the offer page. Check it out right now.

If you have any questions, you can write to me using my contact form.

What’s special about this FREE Blog Installation?

In this free installation, I will be installing a blog for you absolutely free – i.e. without any installation charge. In addition to this I will also install 10 free plugins for you. These are assorted plugins that are extremely critical to the success of a blog. This includes search engine optimization plugins, link building plugins, Google webmaster plugins etc. You can read more about these here.

Check out the offer page to find more about this offer and about how you can avail this.