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Lead Generation Ecosystem – The Big and Small Picture of Internet Marketing at the Same Time

June 7, 2016

Last Updated on - June 8, 2016  

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lead generation ecosystem

Effective Internet marketing requires both strategic vision and tactical expertise — a combination rarely found in one individual. Thus, for entrepreneurs and organizations with a one-person marketing department, getting results from marketing campaigns can be challenging indeed.

To help marketers visualize the big picture and the little picture of Internet marketing, the seo Chicago firm, Straight North created the Lead Generation Ecosystem infographic, which illustrates the entire landscape of lead generation, from traffic sources to new customers.

You will be surprised to know that there indeed is a lot of stuff in between!

Lead Generation Ecosystem – The Constituents

Many people haven’t thought through all of the options at their disposal for generating website traffic. Rather than stay in the usual rut of SEO and social media marketing, have you considered a PPC campaign, display advertising or email marketing?

Similarly, companies tend to get in a one-dimensional rut with their website content, publishing little besides text-heavy pages with occasional, unimaginative stock photos. But as you can see in that big “Company Website” hexagon in the middle of the Lead Generation Ecosystem infographic, many types of content can be used effectively to increase the conversion power of that content. Visual content such as slide presentations, infographics and video are particularly powerful these days, with the explosion in mobile Internet use.

The bottom portion of the infographic details the mechanical, behind the scenes aspects of a lead generation Internet marketing campaign. Companies taking a highly creative approach to their marketing sometimes neglect the data- and process-driven “drudgery” of collecting website traffic and conversion data, reviewing it, analyzing it, and then conducting tests based on that data to optimize the website for stronger conversions.

A couple of areas where even data-worshiping companies fall short:

  • Phone tracking — Phone leads are often the best leads, but Google Analytics doesn’t really track them. If companies fail to understand which marketing activities are driving phone leads, they won’t really know where to invest their marketing dollars.
  • Lead validation — Typical analytics reports lump together all form submissions and phone calls and call them leads. Forgive the pun, but this is misleading. Our own statistics show that as many as half of all website inquiries are something other than leads; non-leads include spam, personal phone calls and sales solicitations. Basing conversion optimization tests and budget allocations on inquiry data rather than validated lead data will undermine lead generation and ROI.

If you know all the pieces and how they fit together, your Internet marketing will be more efficient and continually improve. We hope our Lead Generation Ecosystem infographic helps!

lead generation ecosystem

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