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Why You Might Be Losing 38% of Your Prospective Customers – Retargeting How To!

March 28, 2014

Last Updated on - March 28, 2014  

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Before we even start discussing about retargeting, let me ask you a question. Have you ever tried to check, what happens to that visitor who came to your website and spent some time browsing through the variety of content that was available on it?

Most people do not.. So you need not think that you are the odd man out. Most people never thought about this aspect until the concept of retargeting emerged.

Before we jump into the details of retargeting, let us take a look at the journey of that visitor in question.

A visitor to your website or, blog navigates through your site and then leaves. But then he goes to other social media sites and news sites browsing through different content. As he browses he comes through various products and services, which he might end up buying. He then leaves.

Now, imagine.. if you could just follow your visitor everywhere he went. Let’s us re-visualize the visitor journey that we discussed in the above paragraph.. The visitor who left your blog or, website and navigated to the social media and news sites, sees your advertisements for precisely the same products that he saw on your websites. Multiple exposure to the same ads induces him to check it out and finally he ends up buying.

End Result: The revenue that went to somebody else now comes to you.

Retargeting – How it Works

Retargeting is a simple concept where an online advertising is targeted to a consumer based on his previous actions on the internet. This is a very simple retargeting Definition. This is done by dropping a cookie into your visitors’ browser, which then follows the visitor where ever he goes and displays advertisements that you want to show him.

Site Retargeting has an advantage over other conventional form of advertising. Since your visitor has already spent some time on your website, he has already been pre-sold, though not literally. He has constantly been exposed to that particular product for some time on your website. When he has browsed away from you website and is browsing through some other authority site, he gets exposed to the same ad, which adds to the confidence he had built while he was on your website. This in turn, increases the chances of his buying the product.

You too might have experienced this feature while you were on Facebook or, other websites. You might have researched about a specific trouser on an online apparel store. When you went over to your Facebook account, you might have seen the exact same trouser being displayed in one of the ads there. Did that do anything to your confidence in the product? It sure did..

The best part about Site Retargeting is that you don’t lose your visitor. You keep following him/her where ever they go and are able to monetize them at some point.

Top Retargeting Companies – Which one to Choose?

I am sure that by now you might have realized that retargeting is not something you can do on your own. You need some kind of service that can help you do it. While there are not too many retargeting companies around, there indeed are a few good ones.

One of the main considerations when I choose a retargeting company is the budget that they allow me to start off with. I very well understand your situation as well and just like any other small time internet marketer, I am not somebody who will want to start off with a $1000.00 investment. It is hence that I am only discussing the 2 top retargeting companies here. The primary reason for this selection being, the small investment that they let you start off with.


Adroll is a company that has been around since 2007. They have done extremely well with display advertising and have created a name for themselves. They have a nice little team with lots of experience in optimization and creative strategy. They are based out of San Francisco, and have been creating some sensation in the retargeting space.

Their basic plans offers you the flexibility of starting off with any budget.. no restrictions of any sort.. and offers site targeting both in the offer of contextual and behavioral targeting. They do not offer search targeting but that did not seem to be deterrent in me selecting them when it came to my re-targeting strategy.

Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience is relatively new to the entire site retargeting thing. But they have some nice heads at work and hence have done well in a very short span of time.

Something that I liked of them is the fact that you get a free trial in case you want to check as to how retargeting works for you and experience their system first hand. Their support is a little lousy because it took more than 48 hrs for a response, which is by now way a standard for a support.

But the other aspects like their interface, dashboards and navigation etc. were pretty good and I was impressed with all of these. Yet I would rate Adroll a notch above them because of their customer support.

Your Site Retargeting Strategy

You need to first work out your strategy and see where site retargeting fits into the whole picture. Once you have figured out its fitment, you can move ahead to select one of the many Ad Retargeting Companies, which too will depend upon aspects like your budget, your advertisement plan etc.

Do let us know your thoughts on retargeting and how you think you can benefit from it by commenting below.

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