Make Money Online Blogging – 33 top posts on blogging in 2009


booksWhen I launched this blog in December 2008, my objective was to only share everything that I went through in my journey to establishing myself in the internet marketing business.

I knew there were quite a few people out there who start off like I did – with very less money and little information about the internet. Consequently they fall prey to the scams and start buying everything that the so-called GURUS of the internet promote. Eventually they find that they have exhausted all their money and have nothing to invest in important things like an auto-responder or, a hosting plan.

Who am I? Where do I stand in who’s who of the internet? Does that really matter till the time the advice that I give is free of cost and does not involve investments. For the ones who think that this still matters, you can read my “about” page. For the others, let me tell you that I am not a celebrity blogger. Neither am I an internet  multi-millionaire, showing off huge mansions and beautiful cars. I am just an ordinary man like you. I earn well from the internet to live well. I do a bit of charity, have a nice house and a good car. But what really matters is the fact that I am not in debt and I am not afraid of the future. I know I have a sustainable income for life from my internet marketing business.

The objective of this blog was to give information – pure information to my readers, who I assume were newbie internet marketers. Hence I did not limit myself just to blogging. I know there is much more that I can share with you all. All of that will come in the days ahead.

Meanwhile, here are 33 posts on blogging, that I think is informative and that I personally think were my best in 2009.

  1. The Start – Blogger or, WordPress
  2. What do I blog on?
  3. Using Google Insight
  4. Staying on top for the same content!
  5. The First Visitor to your blog
  6. Is tagging your post important?
  7. Titles for your blog post!
  8. Content – Maintaining Continuity
  9. Affiliate Theme for WordPress
  10. Using Twitter to promote your blog
  11. When will I start making money from my blog?
  12. 6 Most required Plugins for your WordPress blog
  13. Niche research for your blog posts
  14. Learning to walk in the blogosphere – BlogMastermind
  15. 6 under-rated useful WordPress Plugins
  16. Your Blog Monetization strategy-part 1
  17. The Secret of a successful WordPress Installation
  18. Creating an identity for your blog – The Logo
  19. Why should Twitter be amongst your blog promotion strategies?
  20. The only All-in-One plugin required for WordPress Blogs
  21. Should you write paid posts in your blogs?
  22. Success with Niche Blogging
  23. 4 ways to get new ideas to blog about
  24. Blog promotion techniques – Getting a backlink
  25. Building backlinks – Dofollow commenting at blogs
  26. Tips on selecting a hosting service provider
  27. 5 Plugins to secure your WordPress Installation
  28. How to get quality content for your blog?
  29. The Affiliate Theme for WordPress
  30. 5 Steps to being more productive in blogging
  31. Performancing Metrics – Knowing your stats
  32. Are the big bloggers loosing focus of the topic?
  33. Why blog commenting does not get you any traffic?

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