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Marketing Blog Posts through Social Media to Gain Awareness

June 23, 2012

Last Updated on - June 22, 2012  

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marketing blog through social-mediaThis is a guest post by Mary on Social media marketing.You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

You know you have an amazing idea that the world will flock to once they see it, so you finally took the plunge and created a fantastic, informative blog that really gets to the heart of what you can do and absolutely no one is reading it.

If this sounds familiar to you, don’t panic – you’re not even close to being alone. Way too many people seem to have this Field of Dreams-like mentality when it comes to blogging about their product or service online: if I build it, they will come.

However, if people stopped to think about that expectation for more than a few seconds, they would realize how unrealistic it is.

The internet is an ever-expanding ocean of sites, and even if you write the best blog ever on carpet cleaning, pilates, or building robotic dogs, people have to find it before you’ll be recognized for the genius you are, and then the business will take off. But how?

Traditional marketing was a pay-for-play model. You buy space in a newspaper, magazine, or on a billboard, and time on the radio or television. The internet allows you to advertise in these ways, too, but often people see this type of online advertising as an invasion more than in the real world. Plus, it costs money, which most startups tend to be light on.

Thank god for social media. Not only is it a completely free way to market your posts and drive eyes to your blog, it takes advantage of that other great innovation of the internet: personal connection.

By creating accounts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and hundreds of others, you can build a following and personally interact with your “friends” and “fans” so that they feel like they know you and develop a relationship. If you manage your account correctly and refrain from spamming your followers with advertisements, they’ll want to read when you post links and excerpts from blogs because they’ll have an invested interest in you.

Even better, posting something on social media sites makes it extremely easy for people to pass it on to their friends if they like it by “sharing” it. Literally one person can read your post and make it snowball into massive popularity by telling their friends to read it, who in turn tell their friends. You can also encourage this for direct blog readers by including “share” and “like” buttons on your actual blog page so that people have the ability to automatically tell others they like your work with a single button click.

Just as useful is the ability to automatically update whenever you post a new blog through programs like HootSuite. The second the post goes up, the program automatically posts a blurb to Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts, usually with a title and possibly a line or two of content to whet people’s appetite for whatever you’re writing about.

The beauty about social media – and the internet in general – is that snowball effect. No one merely builds something and has people flock to it automatically. An audience has to be cultivated. By using social media as a startup, you can make your fans feel like they are part of discovering something and making it successful by recommending your blog to friends. They can see the power they have in watching your numbers grow, and you have the ability to call them out directly and recognize them for their help, increasing this sense of connection.

So, in the end, perhaps Field of Dreams isn’t the worst model to follow online. The difference when you are using a digital playground like the internet is that the “it” in question isn’t a physical structure – or in this case a digital one like your blog. “It” refers to building a relationship and a rapport with your intended audience. With building a network of fans who appreciate what you do so much that they are eager to tell the world about you. Build that and your marketing will be done for you.

About the Author:

When Mary isn’t busy reviewing promotions marketing approaches from Marketing Resources,  she is covering a wide range of marketing topics to keep her readers in the loop! Outside of work, she is an avid reader and enjoys spending time on the lakefront!


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