10 Marketing Lessons from Apple that You too can Incorporate in Your Marketing Plan


marketing lessons from apple

Do you dread opening your email inbox every morning?

You’re probably inundated with unwanted marketing, right?

Do you send most of it to your Trash folder as I do? Most of it’s a waste of time, right?

But how do you feel if it’s a message from Apple?

Despite my animosity, I’m always curious about this technological market leader’s messages. Perhaps they launched a device that can simplify my life. I can’t miss out!

Or perhaps Apple has a new invention no one has heard of yet. And I want to be the first to know about it.

Why do I always want to learn more about Apple?

Yes, today we know its quality products are impressive and add value to our lives. Apple is respected as one of the best—perhaps the best—in the business.

We have confidence the company will stay at the forefront of technological development. And of course, keep supplying us with interesting gadgets.

Few people doubt Apple’s competence and its products are trusted unequivocally. How did this company succeed in obtaining our trust?


Apple doesn’t simply sell products well. Its marketing built faith in the company. And let’s be honest: The ads keep us excited about what’s next. Apples’ unique, simple and creative marketing approach sets them apart & helped establish the brand.

And you need your business to stand out from the crowd too. It’s the only way your marketing won’t be ignored by your audience.

Ready to start impressing your clients?

Do it the Apple way and hope this infographic by The Website Group on marketing lessons from apple, can help you learn some of these tricks of the trade.

Marketing Lessons from Apple

Apple has carved out a unique niche for themselves. Their customers are loyal and are guaranteed to not switch to any other brand. Such is the impact of their marketing on their customers.

From marketing to that niche audience to ensuring that their customers stay loyal, Apple ensures that every aspect is taken care off.

And what better way to learn from them if you too want to acquire and retain your customers?

Here are 10 Marketing Lessons from Apple that you can use in putting together your marketing strategy as well.




2 thoughts on “10 Marketing Lessons from Apple that You too can Incorporate in Your Marketing Plan”

  1. Nice article DK,

    I think Apple is maybe one of the companies with the best marketing culture in the whole industry. They’ve always been very attentive to appealing to emotions and I think that’s how the build that strong connection with their customers.

    I love the infographic BTW!

    • Hey thanks Ron for visiting and commenting. I completely agree with you. Another aspect of Apple’s marketing is the way they have focussed and targeted a specific niche and then build that connect with them with their top quality products.

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