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Membership Site Mastermind has re-opened

March 13, 2010

masterplan medium If you do not know what the Membership Site Mastermind is all about your should read my post here about this course from Yaro Starak.

The last time this course opened the seats were filled even before I could complete the post about the course. I am not sure how long this will remain, this time round.

For those of you who do not know Yaro, let me tell you something about him and his course. Yaro is one of the most respected bloggers around and someone who has made a living blogging. He has a very successful blog at Entrepreneurs Journey. He has been teaching how to create and run an online business from a blog and how to make a living out of this blog.

Having said that I should also say that he is one of the pioneers in launching a membership site. His first membership site launch was a huge success.

His “Membership Site Mastermind” course is something that teaches you how to launch a membership site and be successful in doing it.

This course is open and is accepting new members. You can check it out right now. Sign up for the Membership Site Mastermind course now.

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