Micro Niche Finder Discount – Can this be true?


Micro Niche Finder Discount

James Jones released the latest Version 5.0 of his software “Micro Niche Finder”, a few days back and since I am one of his customers since almost 2 years now, I got to download the update absolutely free of cost. I do not want to get into a straight review of Micro Niche Finder or, do an apple-to-apple comparison of it with Keyword Elite or, Market Samurai, though I have a copy of all of these tools.

I had bought Keyword Elite much before I bought Micro Niche Finder and was expecting that all its updates would be free of cost as was promised, but that was not to be. Keyword Elite 2.0 was launched as an upgrade to its previous version and came at a cost (though it was discounted for existing customers, but the fact remains that I still had to pay for it). But I did not find too much of an upgrade in the software except for a change in its interface.

Having said that I would still not want to take the credit away from KE, because it is indeed and excellent software if you have some time to spare – to learn to use it and then to use it.

This is what made me love Micro Niche Finder. It is one of the easiest tool that you could find for Keyword research and there is nothing in terms of a training or, coaching that you need to go through in order to use it. I straight away fell in love with Micro Niche Finder.

James kept his promise when he updated the software and provided all updates absolutely free. What more, he now launched Version 5.0 which is an upgrade and not an update and is still giving it out to his existing customers absolutely free. The interface for Micro Niche Finder has changed and so are many of the features. I was pretty impressed with the overall upgrades and it has cemented my belief that the future holds extremely good things in store.

Check out the difference in the interface of these versions –

Micro Niche Finder discount
Micro Niche Finder version 4.0 - Click to enlarge
Micro Niche Finder Discount
Micro Niche Finder Version 5.0 - Click to enlarge

Since I have been selling Micro Niche Finder as an affiliate for quite some time, I keep getting mails from my customers. One such newly acquired prospect wrote to me asking why is it that James has increased the price of the software. In response I would like to ask a questions –

  1. Isn’t a software developer justified in increasing the price of his software in case he releases an upgraded version of the software?
  2. James has raised the price of the software from $97.00 to $99.99 after he launched Version 5.0. Is a $2.99 increase un-justified?

I urge all of you who yet have not bought this software to immediately go ahead and purchase this tool today itself. This is a Micro Niche Finder discount you will probably miss out very soon because I am sure that James would want to further increase the price of this tool.

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6 thoughts on “Micro Niche Finder Discount – Can this be true?”

  1. Hey Dilip,

    Nice post! I have never used Micro Niche Finder, but I hear a lot about it… I use Market Samurai, Google Keyword Tool, and Traffic Travis… But I’m curious to see what Micro Niche Finder has in store. 🙂

    I’ve been promoting it as an affiliate myself, for about a year now… Made a few sales here and there – even though I never used it lol.

    I have a question for ya… How did you get this discount for people? How can I do the same for the people who buy through me? Do you just give them ten bucks back via paypal or something? Or how did you do it?

    Keep rockin the awesome posts!



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