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my mobile money pages review

Before I start this My Mobile Money Pages review, let me tell you a little about Andrew Fox. In about 2008, I was browsing the internet and I found an ad on a website saying, “Make Money Online in 10 minutes”. My search all of a sudden took a new route and all I was searching for was “how to make money online”.

The result was about 23 ebooks, half a dozen softwares and 3 memberships. And I started making money online! Or, so you thought?

No, it was not that fairy tale a story. I did not make a penny for almost 7 months. That was when I met one of this guy on the internet who said he was willing to give me a book that I could read and that he will not charge me a penny. But if I made some money, I had to buy the book from his affiliate link. I agreed and that is when I got a book from Andrew Fox titled something like “Affiliate X Factor”.

That was my first true guide on affiliate marketing and 40 days from finishing the book I made my first dollar on the internet.

Sounds too good to be true?

A few days back Andrew launched another product called “My Mobile Money Pages”. These days I am bit too much fascinated by mobile marketing (I am still working on a new blog on this topic as well) and so it made all the more sense to look at this product and review it. That is how I decided to write this my mobile money pages review.

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My Mobile Money Pages Review – The Product

What is this product from Andrew Fox? Let us first look at some of the aspects of the product before we get into the real my mobile money pages review.

Mobile marketing is taking the world by storm. With an estimated 5.2 million mobile phone users and growing, it makes sense to market to this population.

Today mobile phone have become an integral part of anybody’s life. Just imagine your state of mind if you happen to go out without your mobile phone? People sleep with their phones beside their pillows and the first thing they look at in the morning is their mobile phone as they check their text messages or, emails.

Andrew in his product is targetting just this population. With mobile internet becoming faster and people taking to browsing more and more on their smart phones, this product looks at giving them what they are looking for.

It basically creates webpages for mobile phone with affiliate products and adsense ads blended into it, in a breeze and then does all of the marketing required to promote it.

So that’s about the product. Now let us move onto the real my mobile money pages review.

The My Mobile Money Pages Review

We thought we will start our “my mobile money pages review” with a review of the sales page. There was nothing different about it but we wanted to see if Andrew will do it differently. No joy.

The sales page has a presentation as usual for these products and a voice-over actor narrating it. Once you click on the order button and complete your purchase you will see a couple of up-sells which is once again a norm in all internet marketing products. We decided to fore-go one of it and bought the other.

This was a software product and we are always slightly wary of all software products, especially in the IM niche. The interface of the product was pretty simple and has a few text boxes and some buttons. It was extremely simple to use it and we found no challenge in using it even though we did not read the manuals or, guides. We were impressed at our “my mobile money pages review”.

Another aspect that we were very impressed with in our my mobile money pages review was the keyword research option that was available in the software. Unlike normal keyword research tools, this tool focuses on brand new buyer keyword searches. Not sure what algorithm they use, but it worked and we at my mobile money pages review were impressed.

We were able to create about 11 pages in 20 minutes and that includes keyword research as well.

Now for the results. The first dollar earning showed up in our affiliate account in about 22 hours. In the next 24 hours we had the following results –

  • $312 from Amazon Products
  • $43 from Adsense

That was pretty decent considering the fact that we only spent about 30 minutes on this entire thing.

My Mobile Money Pages review – The Verdict

The verdict was clear. The interface and the software as such looked very crude, but it could do the job. At the end of the day my objective is to earn some money and I was able to do that.

It is a high recommend from the my mobile money pages review team.

Check out the product here.

Do tell us your opinion about our “My mobile money pages review”.


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