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Let Narcissists Find Sanctum In The Social Media!

August 14, 2013

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narcissist social media

People who love the attention, interrupting others to put forth their views, reprimanding and correcting others constantly, keeping the high profile people to themselves, well they are mostly avid tweeters and Face bookers. And for some reasons people who think that other people should always listen to their views, find themselves really active on Facebook and other social media.

Social media attracts narcissists?

There is also a study to that effect. It shows that [social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]people with ‘narcissistic’ or, self-obsessed personalities tend to be more active and quick in their social media postings[/social_quote]. This is true for all the narcissists of all age groups, only that the young adults go to Twitter and the older ones go to Facebook to unleash their sermons and much valuable opinions.

The urge to be self-important

Twitter discussions are mostly influenced by people who have a very high value of their own opinions, with very little value for that of others, and want to be admired by and largefor this zeal. This sense of self-importance could be a sign of the narcissistic personality disorder. Though of course, it’s not always about how many times you tweet as much as what you’ve got to say in those tweets.

Status quo on the social media

Then there are the status distinctions that show you who thinks they deserve special attention, like getting a blue “verified” checkmark or a first-name-only handle. Again exception isn’t always the rule. There are those who demand special treatment and have more than necessary feeling of self-worth. These dominate Twitter and may even increase their tendencies of self-obsession or narcissism, even in those people who are used to have such views about self normally.

The story of how social media saved us

Indeed it did. In real world you can’t follow those people, and even if they once a blue moon have something to say that is worth its while, it will be retweeted. On Facebook, in fact, you can choose a person’s activities not to appear on your news feed and they wouldn’t even know. In real life, however, you have to bear with it, take it with its full brunt. And there isn’t much you can do about it then.

Let the narcissists swarm the social media

If they take it out there, and get sufficient attention there, they might do it lesser in public. They might make your social network unpleasant, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can unfriend, or unfollow them. On that forum, you can chose to ignore them there doesn’t have to be much ado about it.it wouldn’t seem rude, and it wouldn’t create a scene. It diverts their attention at least somewhat from the real world, where they could be more troublesome than on Twitter.

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