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Niche researchWhy should you research you niche when you are writing a post in your blog? An interesting question and this has an interesting answer as well.

Niche research is one of the most difficult things to do. People spend hours and hours together researching their niche before they start their blog because this is what most successful bloggers teach. Then when they are asked to research their niche further before writing any posts in their blogs, they start pulling their hair.

Actually niche research involves a lot of time, but the quantity of the results in comparison to the efforts put is very minute, like processing milk to get butter. You have to process a large quantity of milk to get just a small cup of butter. After putting in so much of effort, when there is nothing substantial to show, it becomes a cause for frustration for many. In addition to this, the lack of knowledge in niche research adds up to the frustration levels.

But niche research is not actually frustrating and worthless. It pays off but only if you persist and consistently understand your niche.

Researching a niche to decide on the blog is acceptable to most people, but when it comes to researching every time you have to write a post to your blog is tedious and involves quite an effort.

Why should you research you niche when you want to write a post on you blog?

You have created a blog on a niche topic. Now you want people to start visiting your blog. You also want the search engines to index you blog. You want your blog to feature in searches when the search terms involve your niche. It is unlikely that anyone starting a blog would say that they do not want any one of the above. How is it that you would make it possible? Will your blog start featuring in search engines all by itself?

It is here that niche research helps you. Carefully research your niche and find a few keywords in your niche that are being searched for by people. You can use Google Insights to check the searches and use that data as well while you are researching. Then write you blog post on one of these keywords, with the keywords itself featuring in the post. Maintain enough keyword density within you post and your blog post will start to feature in search results very soon. Search engines would start sending in a good amount of traffic and people who come to your site in search of information on the keyword, can be made to stay at your page by providing them useful information. When people find good information on your blog they would read through other posts in your blog and might even add your blog to their RSS feeds, thus increasing the number of regular visitors to your blog.

Is niche research required in all your blog posts? The answer would be “Not really”. You can occasionally write posts which are carefully researched in order to get traffic flowing into your blog from search engines. At other times you can write about other things on your niche so that you provide content that is useful and fresh and has a touch of your personal experience in it.

If niche research has proved to be a tough affair for you, then I would recommend you buy Micro Niche Finder. The tool is very handy, easy to use and does the entire research in less than 30 minutes, so that you can utilize your time for other important things.


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