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Pay per Call – Make Money with Mobile Marketing

January 1, 2012

Last Updated on - February 1, 2012  

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mobile marketingIn the past couple of months you might have noticed quite a few product launches focusing on the mobile marketing. What could be the reason for this?

Before we get into discussions on what these products were, let us look at some mobile phone user statistics:

  • Total number of mobile phone subscribers – 6 billion worldwide.
  • Countries with most subscribers – China (963 million subscribers), India (900 million subscribers), USA (325 million subscribers).
  • Mobile broadband subscriptions of ~1.2 billion worldwide.
  • Leaders in mobile broadband usage – South Korea and Japan.
  • ~$6.3 billion venture capital investments in the year 2011. This was about 42.4% of the total budgets.
  • Google, Millennial Media, Apple, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Jumptags lead the mobile ads networks in revenue.
  • In 2011, Google made ~$2.5 billion in mobile ads revenue.
  • eBay forecasts customer transaction (including purchases and sales) of $8 billion of merchandise for 2010.
  • PayPal forecasts $7 billion mobile payment volumes in 2012.
(stats courtesy: mobithinking)

That was too much of stats. Isn’t it?

But one thing is evident from the above stats. Mobility is the next big thing. With social media sites like Twitter and Facebook generating a good amount of subscribers on mobile phones, the bundle becomes an exciting thing to explore and mobile marketing is what will make you money in 2012.

Mobile Marketing – Make Money using Mobile Phones

All the while Internet marketing has been evolving. What was working a couple of years ago is no longer working. Whatever the changes, the basics still remain.

But it becomes imperative for an internet marketer to evolve  as technology evolves. Mobile marketing is one such evolution.

How can you make money using mobile phone ads and mobile marketing?

You can find quite a few handy products at Clickbank which will explain you a hundred different ways to make money using mobile marketing to mobile phone consumers.

Mobile Marketing is extremely economical in comparison to marketing to conventional internet users.

A few easy forms of making money is as follows –

Affiliate ads to Mobile Phone Users

Advertising on the internet has become extremely expensive. Google Adwords and such other CPC options are now a distant dream for average affiliate marketers.

It is here that advertising to mobile phone users can come in handy.

There are numerous advertising networks that offer you an option of advertising to mobile phone users. The costs are extremely low and if you can work out some good campaigns and carefully select the niches, you can see extremely high ROI on your ads.

There are some good courses out there that can teach you how to do all this, I mean pick niches, design mobile friendly websites and create advertisements for mobile phones.

You can check out Mobile Monopoly which is a recommended resource to make money with mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing by Building Websites for Mobile Phone Users

Mobile phones have small screens in comparison to a PC or, laptop. Hence you normal website will not render well on a mobile phone. You will have to design something that is specifically meant for mobile phones.

There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind when designing these pages for mobile phones. You can outsource them or, do it yourself. There are thousands of softwares out there that can help you accomplish this as well.

Once your mobile friendly website is built, you can market all kind of products including affiliate products to your mobile phone users. You can even add Google Adsense ads to these websites and make money through that route as well.

My Mobile Money Pages is a good software that can help you built mobile friendly pages and also help you in mobile marketing by promoting these sites to mobile phone users. Though it is not a 2-minute activity as promoted by the vendor, it is still a good software that can simplify a lot of these activities.

Pay per Call marketing to mobile phone users

Pay per call is the latest addition to the mobile marketing. Pay per call basically is an option where an advertiser has to pay for every call made to the advertised phone number.

This is a very good option to affiliate marketers as well. Pay per call has extremely high payouts to affiliates and hence is a lucrative option. Since promotional activities is pretty much the same, returns could be very high from Pay per call offers.

You can signup to promote pay per call offers with any of the leading affiliate networks that provide this option. A few good affiliate networks that we found were commission junction, Google Affiliate Network and Direct call network, all of which offer this opportunity in mobile marketing.

For people who are new to this concept, it is important that you understand how this works. I would recommend that you check out a good course on making money using pay per call. You can find a lot of information on the internet, All that you have to do is search on Google.

Mobile Money Bandit is one of the best courses around that can help you tap into this market and make money from mobile marketing using pay per call.

Conclusion – How to proceed with Mobile Marketing

Evaluate if mobile marketing fits into your scheme of things. If you need to tweak your business plans, do it because mobile marketing can only better your income. It is the next generation of making money online.

Once you have done the ground work to jump into mobile marketing, take up some basic course which can give you an idea of what all this is about so that you don’t find yourself in unknown land.

Mobile marketing can give you amazing results if done correctly. Hence spend some time to work out  a plan and make money with mobile marketing.

About the author

My name is Dilip. I am a fan of the internet and love the many opportunities that the world wide web provides. If used constructively , the internet can give you an opportunity to lead a life free of the 9-5 treadmill and will be able to give more time to your family members.
Read about internet entrepreneurship at my blog.

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