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Do you want to earn some money free?

I know nothing is for “FREE”, but before I get into the hows and whats, let me take up a very interesting discussion.

How effective do you think the “the word of mouth” could be?

There are not too many organizations or, people who have utilized the power of the “Word of Mouth”. Not too many that I know off. If you know of some, you can help me with the names by commenting in the comment box below.

The Power of the Word of Mouth

The fate of a movie is decided largely by word of mouth. Restaurants succeed or, fail based on the word of mouth. Doctors have been living on the word of mouth. Then why is it that it is still ill-harnessed?

I am sure, that 90% of the times you buy a product, you buying decision is based on a review – either from one of your friends/acquaintances or, from an unknown person reviewing it in a magazine or, on a website (unless you are a die-hard fan of a brand that you cannot compromise for anything). All of this is “Word of Mouth”.

Organizations still believe in spending millions of dollars on advertisements through various forms of media. They still feel that advertisement is the best way to reach their prospective customers.

As I leave you with that thought, let me get straight away into the free money making idea that I was talking about.

This is not a job replacing income that I am talking about. But it is a nice trickle of some valuable dollars that will certainly help you in your other ventures.

The Free Money Resource is a payment engine like Paypal in the initial period of its development. They need customers. They knew who they were competing with and the amount that they will have to spend on advertisements if they are to get even 10% of the market share.

Paybox came up with a very innovative idea using the power of “Word of Mouth”. They spread the news that

  • anybody joining them will get an instant credit of $25.00 into their account.
  • you get a credit of $20.00 to your account for participating in their launch. Remember there is nothing to buy. All that is required is you login to your account once everyday and keep updated with the information on their website.
  • you get a credit of $10.00 for every person you refer to them. (Of course, I am also getting a credit for this referral 🙂 )

Is there a reason why you should not join?

I did not find any reason for not joining. Moreover I loved the way they were using the power of the word of mouth.

In case you think, you will love to get a few dollars into your account everyday for “FREE”, then I recommend you join. Remember, once again. This is not a job replacing source of income. But for me, every DOLLAR Counts.

You can join Paybox here.


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