Postbot – The Photo Scheduling App from WordPress


Are you a photo blogger?

If you are, then this WordPress launch might excite you to the core, just as it did to me..

It was yesterday that WordPress announced the launch of Postbot. While the name does not tell you what exactly this animal is, the details of it is sure to excite anybody who likes posting Photos.

One of the biggest challenges like most photo-bloggers like me face with is, that we take a bunch of photographs at a time, but want to schedule them over a month or, so.. so that it keeps posting automatically. While WordPress gives you the flexibility to schedules posts, you still have to post each one of it individually and schedule each one of them so that it gets published.

Postbot solves this problem.

What is Postbot?

Postbot is an app developed by the WordPress guys, that allows for quick uploading and scheduling of multiple photos as photo posts without having to go through the hassles of normal process of scheduling.

According to John from,

This app will create a post for each photo and schedule it to appear at a certain time over a given number of days. This is the ideal way to share a lot of photos without having to manually create and schedule each one.

Postbot is a standalone application that works with But for self-hosted WordPress bloggers, you can get all the features of Postbot by installing Jetpack to your WordPress installation. Postbot is a part of the Jetpack bundle.

In order to use Postbot, you just need to go to, and connect the application to your WordPress account. Once connected, you can start uploading your photos and scheduling them. You can even edit your photos even as it is uploading. Uploading is also a simple activity, because you can just drag and drop your photos onto the page and that’s it.

We found the app extremely user friendly. One feature that we loved about the app was the ability to exclude weekends when uploading the photos.

You can check out Postbot at their official page.