February Blogging Report – Preparing for a Product Launch!


product launch

February was not a great month on the blogging front for me. I kind of ignored both my primary blogs – dkspeaks and bpodiary, as also my other niche blogs. The total number of posts that I did were as below:

  • dkspeaks.com : 1 post excluding this one
  • bpodiary.com : None
  • Other blogs : 4
  • Guest Posts : None

So, overall that meant, I could only manage about 5 posts for the entire month. That’s extremely bad. Going by my standards, not that I was too great earlier.. that was my worst month ever in blogging.

And what was the reason for all this?

While I would prefer that I call this an excuse, the real reason behind this was the preparation of one of my product launches – the Blog Curation Blueprint Resale Rights.

In the mid of January, when I planned on launching this, I never imagined that it will take so much time for me to do it and that it will take up the entire month.

One very important lesson that I learnt –

Brainstorming and planning needs to include writing down whatever could be the worst situation and scenarios involved, so that you can prepare for it and plan for a contingency.

It is not just about planning for the process. Instead it is important that you consider the worst case scenarios in every step and add that as well to calculate the time taken.

Product Launch and What Goes into it?

Blog Curation Blueprint was a video course that I had created about an year back and I had about 700 paying members for it. This January, I decided I will sell the Resale Rights to the course. And there started my work on the product launch.

This was my 6th product and only my first product for which I had planned a formal product launch. If that formal looks awkward there, then let me explain it for you. Back in the early 2000, you never saw the kind of product launches that you see today. If you are subscribed into a few lists, you will find almost every one of them sending you an email for that single product from a product launch GURU. You inbox will be flooded with emails promoting the product, even before it has officially launched. And that is the kind of hype on a product launch.

A lot of work goes into every aspect of the launch and a lot of money is also involved. So it made sense to start promoting it before it is officially launched so that the customers are prepped and you can cash in on the hype as soon as it is launched.

The Backstage Story in my Product Launch

So, after I had jotted down my rough plans for the launch, I took to the drawing board and drew up my funnel. I was able to plan the entire funnel in a few hours and it involved about 3 upsells and 2 downsells. I was able to do it swiftly because of the fact that I had a preliminary plan in place and all that I had to do was perfect and finalize it.

But it was from here that the real work started.

There were a lot of things that were happening at the backstage. And with a few technical problems adding to my woes, I could hardly look t the calendar to see what day or, date it was.

Here is a list of all the work that was involved in setting up the launch –

  1. Decide where I wanted to launch the product – Warrior Forum, Clickbank or, as a stand alone option – I decided to go with Warrior Forum
  2. Decide on which platform I wanted to use. JVZoo had its own limitations because I was in India and hence I had no other choice but to go with Warrior Plus.
  3. Setup the JV Page
  4. Create all the JV resources like the Swipe files, Graphics etc.
  5. Write the Sales copy for the front-end, the upsells and the downsells.
  6. Designing all the sales pages which was a total of about 5 pages.
  7. Record all the videos to be used in the sales pages.
  8. Get the graphics designed.
  9. How to control the access? I was planning to control the access through a membership site. Hence had to install a wordpress blog, all the required plugins including the membership plugin and setup the entire thing.
  10. Setup the entire offer on Warrior Plus and get the button codes.
  11. Add all the button codes to the sales pages and check if everything was fine.
  12. Submit the offer for approval at Warrior Plus.
  13. Setup the Warrior Forum thread and send it for approval.
  14. Fine tune the product packages – add the relevant licenses, graphics and included videos.
  15. Recruit affiliates to promote the product.

While those looks like only 15 points, every one of that activity was like moving a mountain for me, especially because this time round, I was doing everything on my own without outsourcing anything.

No wonder, 29 days went by without giving me an opportunity to do anything substantial at my blog.

The product launch is scheduled for 5th of March. I will keep you posted on what happens after that. I will plan for a post detailing the learnings from the launch once it is over.

If you are interested in promoting a high quality product that earns you a 100% commission on the front-end, click here to join us. And if you would like to get a copy of the resale rights to the product, you can join the early bird list.