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Pros and cons for marketers that purchase tweets

April 23, 2013

Last Updated on - April 20, 2014  

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In the age of social media, there are few sites, which dominates in terms of popularity and Twitter is among them. It is considered as the second largest social networking site, which has more than 600 million people all across the world. Twitter is an effective tool not only just for socializing over the web but also a great platform as well for business marketing and promotion. Considering the popularity of this social networking site, more and more online marketers seem to benefit from this platform.

Over the years, few of the marketers were seen buying the number of tweets for their businesses. Many of the users may not know about this and could therefore find it a surprising thing. However, the fact is tweets could be bought and groups dealing in this business seem to be growing with every passing day. The fact is this idea was adopted in the earlier US election both by the winning and losing candidates in the recent presidential elections. But before you actually think of doing so, it is always better to check its pros and cons of buying tweets, which are as under.

The Pros

You get a bigger following

The more number of people following you over Twitter the more amount of benefits you would be able to reap for your business. Having good amount of Twitter followers could be a difficult thing unless you happen to be a celebrity, however, at the same time it is not a big deal as well. This is possible when you purchase good amount of tweets for your Twitter account. Buying tweets would help you in growing once you do that then sky is the limit for your expansion as these people could retweet your updates along with sharing your content at different social media sites to become your loyal customers.

Helps you to remain active

You could be having some of the best products or services in your domain, however, if you just create a Twitter account without using it too often, you will not be able to benefit over this great social networking site. In order to make your presence felt over Twitter, you are supposed to be active by frequently sending out tweets and updates along with giving relevant details to your people.

This could appear difficult but at the same thing becomes smooth when you purchase the tweets. These people would share and update different things about your business making you active over the platform without you being actually involved in it.

Boost your search engine rankings

You can make your business website or blog popular by purchasing tweets. This popularity of your site will help you in boosting your search engine rankings. The reasons are simple; the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing give a due advantage to sites, which are popularly discussed in social media networks. Hence when you buy tweets, you are often talked and referred, which help in boosting up the search engine rankings to a great extent.

The Cons

You get wrong followers

Just because you own several hundred or thousands of fans, it doesn’t mean that they all happen to be real. By purchasing tweets, you could often get number but fail to get the quality. A majority of the followers simply do not tweet back since they barely do not exist or hardly use Twitter. Further, it could be a difficult to create any kind of engagement with several followers specifically when you buy them from different sites based on people who are merely fraud people. Hence the possibility of having a blend of real and fake kind of followers seems to be very much high.

The bad business

One of the major drawbacks of purchasing the tweets is the fact that Twitter simply dislikes this idea. The reasons are simple, unlike the other online services; Twitter too has its own guidelines, which it implements to keep away from people like the spammers and several other potential risks. By purchasing the tweets, you may not harm anyone but if Twitter notices this act, you could be in trouble by facing some penalties from this social networking site. You may opt for this approach if it happens to be a must; however, the social media marketing experts do not vouch for the same and often term them as a negative practice.

Final word

For gaining momentum in your social media marketing efforts, you could think of buying tweets over Twitter, however, before doing that make sure you weigh the good and the bad things about the same. The above list of pros and cons can help you in deciding the same.

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