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Ranking fluctuations: Smart ways to deal with them!

March 22, 2012

Last Updated on - March 22, 2012  

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search-engine-rankingsIf rankings are allotted to many fields and work standard in day to day life, then why not an internet site with the search engines? Getting results on search engines like Google and Yahoo is the most important and foremost criteria for a small or, big site businessman.

Reasons are varied and the workaround for dropping in the search engines rankings are very few, they may be due to an addition of a new link, changes in algorithm or sometimes they just drop due to the change that happens in a respective site.

Having a ranking loss cannot be ruled out but at least required measures can be taken to have attendance in the search results established well.

Below are some of the steps to reduce ranking loss:

Variations in Site

Keep updating your site with time to time by adding new links, introducing attractive products, doing away with old links/referrals, updating posts or even renovating and redesigning the look of the site.

While above mentioned objectives are a must for the sake of your site, if it is not properly carried out they can have adverse effects on search results of your site. The changes you made in your website is proportional to the positive or, negative effect you see. Depending upon what you changed can have a minimal or drastic change on search engine sites.

Sometimes even small detail change can have a chronic effect on your site. Editing the content, re-working on pages, changing of tags, site redesign can make unwanted ranking change if they are not properly executed.

Dealing with it

Do not change contents of your site about which you’re unsure whether they will affect your ranking or not. Consulting an SEO is the best way to avoid downfall in rankings. He is sure to guide you in a way with easy steps, which will have minor or, no effect on your ranking status.

Be sure to keep in mind about the ranking change when you make changes in your site and avoid changing content about which you have no knowledge on how it will change your ranking.

Server Down

In some cases ranking are dropped when the search results try to catch your content but fails due to its inaccessibility. If it happens for once or few instances, it eventually won’t affect your ranking but if it happens more frequently then you are sure have a rankings down. Slow web hosts not only disinterests a new visitor but also changes the mind of search engines to down the ranking as fast as they would have otherwise done.

Dealing with it

Make sure to find a good web host provider for your site which not only insures good speed and up-time but also becomes answerable for any mis-happening not just with funds. You also get full and overall control of your website, simultaneously being informed about the changes that will affect your site.

Information can work as a partner with you in helping you make changes, get site links and more. You only get to make all the decisions until and unless you give it out of your hand, and even if you do and have dissatisfaction with the results then you can go back anytime and change the things as you like.

We recommend Hostgator which is found to be a reliable host when it comes to hosting websites. Check out Hostgator.

Competitor’s always sit surrounding you

It’s a WWW (World Wide Web), so you obviously cannot expect your site to be the only one and ranked at the top. A number of factors comes into play when ranking of sites are in discussion. Everyone wants to have a seat next to the king and so does site builders wants a first place in search engine results.

All websites include many pages in their site which eventually hits the search engine which may also be similar to yours and this is where many factors come into place. A page in a website being searched many times can acquire first place and the same can be the other way round too.

Dealing with it

The best way to get out of this mess to build a better website and stronger pages included. This work should be on daily basis so that you get noticed. Give each topic its exclusive information, more guidelines and the list is endless. The conclusion is to make your site more valuable to the guest.

Search engine algorithms an issue

At a constant speed, search engine rankings fluctuates. Search engine have to show relevant results to their visitors which in turn will get even more visitors to their sites. Search engine results change in accordance with a change in search engine algorithms. At times algorithm also gets impacted when there is too much irrelevant content. If a particular content in the same topic is present on a site which weighs better than yours then you are sure to see a drop out on search results.

Dealing with it

Search engines, without giving prior information, changes it view towards aspects like content, body, style etc. and new requirements come into place. The best way is to keep your site up to date and provide content that is equally appealing to visitors and Search Engines alike.

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