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Running a B2B Business? Here is how you can Benefit from Pinterest

August 27, 2014

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Amazon and eBay may provide you with an opportunity to reach out to millions of people by advertising your business or products on their websites, but you cannot do much with the limited space provided to you for convincing the potential customer or buyer. Pinterest, a newbie in the realm of social media, gives you the space to not only advertise your commodity, but also interact with your online customers.

Pinterest is a unique blend of both B2B and social networking, which has caught the attention of millions of online socialites since its launch in 2010 – officially making it the third largest social network in the United States following Facebook and Twitter, as revealed in a survey carried out by Experian Hitwise.

Here are some simple things to do so that your business can benefit from Pinterest.

benefits of pinterest

Grow Your Business with Pinterest User Base

Users seem to be quite happy with Pinterest, as they agree that this site has given them an opportunity to do online business and integrate social networking along with it.

Here are some useful tips and tricks on how you can use Pinterest to gain B2B marketing success:

A Well Written Profile can Attract Customers

Your profile can work as a source of attraction for business. Your Pinterest page is the first thing that your potential customers are going to look at. So it is important that this page should open doors for your business, rather than repelling your customers. Do not leave the “About” field unfilled; try to cover as much space as you can. You need to tell your current and potential customers about your products and services.

After giving details about yourself, upload an appropriate picture of your company – building, logo or anything signifying your company.

Pin Anything That Creates Interest

A Pinboard is the best place to use to tell the viewers about your new deals, events, discounts and other important information. You can also post about your employees or company’s achievements. You can also add testimonials of your employees or customers.

Be Creative in your posts and visual content

Get your creative juices kicking to compete for attention in a sea of beautiful, interesting, and appealing material such as that found on Pinterest. Make some interesting and creative posts to enhance your B2B profile, such that attract and hold attention of potential customers.

Connect your Pinterest profile with other Profiles

If you plan to increase your customer base and give them complete knowledge about your company and product or service, it is recommended that you connect your Pinterest profile with other business profiles on social networks, especially Linkedin.

Customers are interested in knowing each and every detail about the product they buy or service they plan to avail. Being online customers, their best source of information is the one available on your blog, social network site or any other website.

Keep a Secured Profile

One of the biggest problems that haunt online visitors is fake profiles and other threats like malwares and adwares. Being a business it is very important for you that you keep your profile clean and secure in order to build that trust amongst your visitors and viewers.

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