“The Money is in the List”

I am sure you would have heard that quote a thousand times before you came to this site. And you would have ignored that a thousand times too.

But the fact is that if you are not building your list, then you are running a business that is not sustainable.

The internet changed manifold in the last 8-10 years and a lot of businesses who were making a lot of money vanished from the face of the internet.


Because they were making a lot of money but they never built a list.

And there were a few others who continued with the success and grew into bigger businesses just because they never ignored the advice; “The Money is in the List”.

I come across a lot of people who have a common question. “How do I build a list, if I do not even have enough traffic to my site”.

While that question is absolutely relevant, there are 3 aspects to it.

  1. Firstly, if you are not working enough to make your traffic bring in more traffic, then you are not making your traffic work.
  2. Secondly, your content is not engaging enough to generate new visitors.
  3. And thirdly, you are not promoting your blog enough.
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The first one is something that we will be dealing with in this course partially. But the remaining 2 aspects will need a concrete strategy, which we will not be covering in this course.

In this course, we will be showing you how to build your list to 10,000 in 180 days even if your traffic is low, say at around 100 new visitors per day. But I will recommend that you spend some time to look at the above 2 aspects of traffic and work on them as well as a long term strategy.

What to expect in this mini-course?

This course is only a guide on what to do to build your list to 10,000. What is key in the success of this system is “action”. If you do not implement the system, this eguide will be a complete waste.

We are going to work on some assumptions, which might or, might not be true in your case. Depending upon your situation, you might have to put it a little more or, maybe less effort.

But if you are ready to do it, then this guide will work fool proof for you.

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