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SEO: Helping Businesses Power through Recession

June 1, 2012

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seo and recession

This is a guest post by ZK on how SEO can help you power through recession. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

The recession making a comeback along with the increasing number of start-ups has given rise to an economical marketing method – SEO. Although it has been around for a few years, search engine optimization has become more important in the recent years for many reasons. SEO provides effective marketing results without costing a fortune. Here’s why you should promote your brand with low-budget SEO.

Flexible and convenient:

SEO is a flexible marketing method that can be tailored to the specific needs of your company. Without adding too many expenses to your budget, SEO can enhance your company’s web presence with fairly minimal efforts. If your website consists of a limited number of pages, you can work on providing fresh content to show your customers that your company is currently active and in keeping with the latest developments.

In a slow moving economy, a fast paced website can give your company the edge. Adding more webpages to your site can help boost your rankings as you are adding more content and more relevant keywords. SEO tasks can be performed at any pace comfortable to your company and its flexibility is well appreciated among small and large organizations. 

Integrated SEO campaigns:

It is possible you are communicating to your customers and clients through numerous web platforms like your website and company profiles on social networking sites. SEO makes it more convenient as it allows you to integrate your marketing campaign to boost your popularity on Google search results as well as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

You can link your Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, blog posts, static pages and news articles on your website to enhance visibility. This form of marketing allows your user to access all the features of your company’s online presence, creating a lasting impression. If webpages are sensibly linked, Google’s new updates will have no effect on your site and in turn will boost your rankings.  

Resilient marketing methods:

While PPC campaigns and display ads are essential parts of online marketing, they last for a limited period only. Once the PPC account dries up or your ad expires, your online presence can suffer a serious blow. To maintain your visibility throughout the year, you should work on organic SEO as a long term plan.

Any blog posts, articles and web pages you put up on your website are active as long you desire and should be periodically updated to keep your website fresh. Google rates websites based on certain criteria and welcomes well written quality content that is fresh, unique and insightful.

SEO practices are numerous and varied and can be modified even if Google search algorithms are changed. Without risking a drop in page rankings or your marketing budget, you can change SEO strategies.    

Ethical and economical marketing:

Google updates its search algorithms to find the most relevant and informative sites and rank them on top. To gain an advantage, organic SEO offers the perfect solution as it is economical, flexible and ethical. Apart from a few negative practices as explained by Google, common SEO practices enhance your company’s online presence significantly.

While negative practices like paid links, overuse of keywords and duplicated content is frowned upon; innovative methods to market your brand are being devised regularly.

About the Author:

Author Bio:This is a guest article by ZK who is the co-founder of blog Internet Marketing Blog where accomplished writers and bloggers share their tips, strategies and stories.

About the author 

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