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SEO: Is It Really Important To Your Company?

June 10, 2012

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This is a guest post by Jared on the importance of SEO for you company.You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

If you have been online long it is safe to say you know about SEO. It is quite possible you are aware that there are some companies who have highly benefited using it. On the other hand, it has sure to have caught your attention that others have only meant with failure.

I have been associated with many a business that has been enhanced by utilizing SEO. In addition, I have been witness to numerous companies that fell to the wayside in the desperate search for “Page 1.”

Prior to Starting, Submit to This Question: How Could SEO Enhance Your Business?

There is no simple answer. Take a retail clothing outlet and attorney’s office into consideration;these are a pair of separate business types.

Should you seek an attorney for your business, chances are that you will utilize a Smartphone or computer to gain the information from a search engine. You can understand that through this process many attorneys would have an opportunity to be seen by prospective customers.

However, is there a chance you would seek out the clothing store in the same fashion? This is highly unlikely.

Deciding where SEO is best applied is understandably where the process should begin. One must view SEO as investing in their business. Chances are wouldn’t most people would expect the most ROI (Return on Investment), for the investment they have made?

The truth is marketing online can still offer success to the clothing store. Beyond SEO options,the newsletter and social media are still alternatives that should be considered. These options may allow their marketing budget to be better allocated then with the possibilities of SEO.

Knowing How Vital SEO Can Be To Your Business Is the First Step Of The Process.

When you have decided that SEO could enhance your business, it is now time to zero in on your target base.

Misguided keyword targeting eliminates more marketing dollars than anything else according to the many clients I have interviewed. Disregard to keyword search volume and chasing keywords not well suited for the client’s customer base are some of the biggest mistakes confronted.

A Winning SEO Process Requires Dedicated Research.

Is there any chance your business could be enhanced from a search ranking if you are where your prospective customers can’t see you? Prior to taking that chance you can efficiently research those in your target niche by getting the most out of marketing options such as Google Keyword Tool. You or your marketing agent might as well operate the campaign blindly if you are going to skip the badly needed target research.

Depending on the SEO option pursued, the results can be a business that is truly enhanced or one that confronts failure. It is vital that you choose an SEO option that will benefit your business and not cause it to suffer.

Is It Necessary To Direct So Much Attention To SEO If Your Business Is Doing Well?

The concept behind SEO is simply to reach those customers in your target niche so that you can provide what they are looking for. This being the case, when the process is administered properly, ROIs should be extremely enhanced in comparison to marketing of a more traditional nature.

Let’s look at TV marketing for instance. There are a few ways to go here; you could advertise on the local news, which would reach a large generalized audience or on a cable channel like National Geographic and reach a more concentrated group. The problem is: In order to attract those prospective customers in your niche; you will end up spending marketing dollars directed at many who are not interested at all.

SEO Is A Logical Choice, As It Directly Pertains To ROI, For A Few Basic Purposes:

Your marketing dollars are spent specifically for prospective customers in your niche

A good SEO campaign is beneficial and different from traditional marketing, will proceed to enhance the business well after the process has come to an end.

Search engines are the most efficient system used for the generation of leads mankind has ever experienced. Since you operate a business that is search engine based it does not make any sense not to pursue a process that has the ability to generate much more sales then could possibly be created by any one individual in your operation.
The fact is those search engines work each and every day without ever walking off the job,taking days off for an illness, filing any form of compensation, and they certainly don’t work an 8 hour work day. New customers are driven to you around the clock by the search engines. Is there another marketing option in existence that even compares to the constant, 24/7 support that SEO provides?

The Search Engines Are Clicking For You Now, Allowing Clients To Clearly See You;What Happens Next?

The ability to provide your message effectively, whether it is on or off the page, is crucial to a SEO process bound for success. It is vital that once your customer is led to your business that you provide what they are looking for and make it easy for them to find it.

Analyze The Reason For Your Online Business

Chances are you have developed a website that will lead your customers to contact you in some form or another if you are a roofing contractor for instance. If this is the situation with your site then it is essential that the prospective client can easily find your number or the form that must be completed. You only have a few seconds to get your visitors to do what you want before they will leave to search elsewhere; so you must ensure the message and information are clear. Obviously you would not want to invest all those marketing dollars over a mistake of this proportion.

Although Marketing Trends Have Altered In 2012; The Basic Principles Remain In Tact

No one can deny that noticeable alterations have affected the online marketing process.However, one thing has failed to alter and that would be the meaning behind marketing: The ability to target you message to those seeking assistance in your niche.

It is true that the SEO process enables you to get your message directly in front of your base customers; however, the basics of good business should not be ignored. The creation of an extraordinary message still reigns supreme. Your website should let your customers know exactly what you can do for them when they visit.

The prospective clients must be provided what they are seeking at once. The visitor arriving to your website in this day and age could possibly be generating their first ever impression of your business. For this purpose, ensure that the impression you deliver effectively advocates your position.

Lastly, What Position Can SEO Hold Amongst Your Marketing Agenda?

It is hard to imagine that a mere ten years ago, the online presence of your business was generally compatible to your core position offline. Today, the core identity of a company is established online. To ignore the option of reaching your customer base efficiently and cost effectively while using the leads created by a solid online marketing campaign is simply not good business sense.

There exists no justifiable cause that should keep your company from enhancing your options for  presence online and displaying dedication to constantly exploring those options.

About the Author:

Jared Diamond is a senior SEO manager for WebiFusion. He has worked with companies ranging from Detail Wiz Window Tinting and Parliament Tutors. He is an avid entrepreneurship advocate and enjoys interacting with start-ups.

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