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SEO Key Areas Your Business Should Concentrate On

January 23, 2013

Last Updated on - January 23, 2013  

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SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, this a technical tool used to drive traffic to a particular website and to also increase the websites page rank for it to feature on the first page of any search engines like Yahoo and Google. SEO process is an ongoing process and requires good marketing strategy and long term commitment is absolutely necessary. A website is successful when it has the relevant content that goes with popular keywords (words used to type in search engines), and the web site has to be updated regularly for it to appear on the first page of popular search engines.

Here are some important instructions and simple SEO steps to follow for your business websites:


Researching a relevant keyword for your website is the first step that should not be over looked or taken lightly. Using paid campaigns for changing and testing multiple key words for a business website is possible, selecting a relevant keyword that goes with the content and theme of a web site is very important. The website owner has to be really careful when selecting a keyword and has to make sure the keyword selected has to appear at regular intervals (once or twice in each paragraph) in the given content. The selected keyword should not appear clustered in the content.

Web Development & Design

For people who are looking to create a new website will have to develop their website using architecture and design that are SEO friendly. This could save a lot of trouble, money and time to implement SEO tools as the website is already SEO friendly. In some cases the new websites that are developed to suit SEO tools are far ahead in terms of page rank and other competitive websites. SEO friendly design is very simple to develop and design and has to be user friendly as well.


A good website has to have updates on a regular basis and should have content that is relevant to the keyword. Content building is an ongoing process, as the content has to be changed or edited as there are changes happening in the market regularly. The key for quality content is that the content has to relate to what the website owners business is and should not aim to sell the product directly; this in turn increases the business growth. Exposure of the business content in a web page should explain in detail what exactly does your business do, rather than having content that is only looking to make a sale.

Link Building

Links is what makes the internet whole and functional, without links each webpage will function individually and cannot be connected to other websites. Finding disconnected pages will become an almost impossible task without links. To generate traffic for a website Internal site links and inbound links are a must have, so when users view these links and click on them they are redirected to your website. These links are also important for SEO purposes, Inbound links are virtually important when it comes to search engines for good search results and for page ranks. Links are removed and added regularly and is an ongoing process.

Traffic Analysis & Page Ranking

It is always good to maintain a progress chart from the beginning so that it is easy to compare data in the present and in the feature. It is good to keep a look out for popular trends to increase the page rank of a website and to evaluate the traffic flow for a particular website. The most important tool for SEO is to increase the page rank of a website, but page rank alone does not fit the bill, the amount of traffic generated is as important as increasing a websites page rank.

Analysis of Conversion

To determine whether a website is doing well in terms of generating income, or simply put is your website profiting or losing money analysis of conversion will give the website owner the exact figure. Short term losses due to strategic functions is bearable, the problem has to be rectified immediately as losing money regularly on the long run will result in shutting down one’s business. Strategic planning and good marketing skills will indirectly or directly contribute to profit from the website in the long run. Web analysis plays an important part in the SEO process, as the user has to stick to the tried and tested methods.  A method that has been tried and has helped the website owner to successfully increase the page rank and to generate traffic has to be followed, and it is important to stay away from the methods that have failed. Testing a method on a trial and error basis for a few times before implementing it in the SEO process is very important.

These are some of the important SEO areas your business website should concentrate on.

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