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SEO Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

April 29, 2012

Last Updated on - May 7, 2012  

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This is a guest post by Kelly on how to SEO Optimize your Social media Profiles. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

In online promotion everything process is connected with each other, be it search engine optimization or social media promotion, combining them can help you in building strong online presence and getting desired results.

Below are some tips which can help you get maximum benefits from your social media profiles by SEO optimizing them:

Connect All your Social Media Profiles

There are many social networking sites where we can build our social media profiles. To get the most benefits from each of them, we should connect the profiles with each other. Connecting the profiles enhances the visitors to know about your other profiles. It increases the interaction between the users and company to large extent. The more the users are engaged with the company more is the likeliness of them to convert in sales.

Moreover, connecting several social media profiles gives you the variety in platforms and methods in connecting with their audience, which helps in increasing your audience or online user base. Like on twitter you can attract visitors by tweeting interesting and useful updates about your company and in Facebook you can engage your users by posting cool images, selling them offers running on your site. Linking social media profiles ensures that all the news of your business is spread on several platforms and will reach wider range of audience.

One thing is common that the motive behind all the online promotion efforts is to drive traffic to your site or business. Eventually all the traffic coming to your site is converted into a lead or a sale.

Highlight Your Content

With changing time many new online promotion methodologies and strategies have evolved but one rule remain constant is that “Content is King”. Yes, all the efforts can be fruitful only if your content is good and valuable. But just creating good content is not enough it is useful only when there is someone to read it or gain something from it. Here social networks play vital role in promoting your content. Fresh, unique and valuable content helps in engaging more people to your social media profiles. Promoting your content on social media is also a medium of getting valuable backlinks for your site. Search engines gives value to these links and increase your search engine rankings.

SEO Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Search engines gives ranking to your social media profiles just like they do with any other web pages. There to get high ranking they can be SEO optimized. Add your targeted and relevant keywords to your profile titles, description and tag section. Keywords can be also be added to your info section, biography of the profile. They can also be added in the titles of the post you can make.

About the Author:

Kelly Jones writes for hosted VoIP solutions. She is a freelance blogger and likes to write about various topics like social media, latest technology trends.

About the author

These posts are submitted by our Guest Bloggers. We accept guest posts on topics that are relevant to our blog like blogging, internet entrepreneurship tutorials, affiliate marketing, social media etc. You can read more about how to submit guest posts by visiting our write-for-us page.

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