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SEO or PPC: Which is Better? How to Decide Between SEO and PPC

October 17, 2019

Last Updated on - August 1, 2020  

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SEO or, PPC - Which is Better?

Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) are two widely used online marketing strategies for business. There are several benefits of running these two strategies together, but often, due to limited time and budget, marketers have to choose one of the two. 

Before you can decide which of these marketing tools to use, you need to understand the various benefits and challenges of SEO and PPC. 

Below are the various features of SEO and PPC:

What SEO does?

SEO can help you optimize and rank your business’ website in organic search results. It does not require a huge budget to rank your website through SEO.

But the biggest challenge of SEO is that it will take time before your web pages rank amongst the top search results. That too will only happen if the search engines see the quality and relevance of your web pages.

SEO takes longer to show the desired results but, if done right, it will show consistent results. Getting the top ranking in search engine results will not happen immediately. But, once it does, you will get consistent traffic on your website.

Your content management needs to be strong to get the desired clicks in SEO. And, for the best results, you need the right keywords and at the right density.

The authenticity and trust derived through organic search results are much more than from paid advertisements. People tend to click on the organic results, even after they see the ads first.

On-page optimization, backlinking, and blogging are several ways to optimize your website and improve your rankings in search engine results.

Features and Benefits of PPC

PPC is an online marketing tool where you pay when users click on your advertisements. Google ads are one of the most popular platforms to display PPC ads.

It gives an in-depth analysis of your campaign and you can easily measure your return on investment (ROI).

Easy access to analytics also gives you more control over your campaign. You can monitor the results and make adjustments if you are not getting the desired returns.

Another major benefit of using PPC is that users will first see your ad before the organic search results. Since ads appear at the top, users will not be able to ignore it and may be more inclined to click on the ad.

PPC is also the best choice when you need quick results. Other strategies, like SEO, take time to show the desired results. But due to the visibility of PPC ads, the results pour in quickly. 

When promoting a time-sensitive service or offer, it is best to use PPC.

If you have the marketing budget, then PPC ads are the best option available as they will get you the top spot on the search engines. You can dominate for a particular keyword and remain on top at all times.

Now that you have understood the basic features of SEO and PPC, it will be much easier for you to make an informed choice. Though it is best to use both SEO and PPC together, for the holistic growth of the business, you can always choose one option for promotion.

The tips on this infographic from SpyFu might help you learn more about SEO and PPC.

SEO or PPC: Which Should You Choose?

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Zac Harris

Zac Harris is the Director of SEO at SpyFu. He is passionate about scaling companies and testing all things SEO.

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