Should you write paid posts in your blogs?


Get paidA few days back I came across a poll at It was a question, if the readers did paid posts on their blogs or, not.

For once I felt that it was the wrong question. But then I realized that it wasn’t. My memories went back to the days when I started blogging.

My blog was not an established one and like any other newbie blog, money was not to be seen in about a 100 miles from my blog. There were very few visitors and all my methods of traffic generation was getting only a trickle of visitors to come to my blog. And, I knew that with this trickle, I am not going to get any advertisements, nor am I going to get any worthy clicks on my Google Ads. But I had to earn some money. I had to pay for the expenses of my broadband connection, my hosting, my domain name etc.

This is when I took to writing paid-posts. Writing paid-posts helped my blog gain significance in the blogosphere. But after about 2 years of blogging, paid-posts are nowhere to be seen on any of my blogs. Is it the end of paid-posts?

What are paid-posts?

Paid-posts are sponsored posts, where advertisers pay you for writing a post on your blog in favor of their product, primarily to promote their products or, to build back links.

Payperpost, Smorty, Loudlaunch etc. are amongst the major websites offering such paid-post jobs.

Paid posts require you to write a favorable review or, at times just a post about a certain topic and embed a few links against some specific keywords that the advertiser provides you with.

Writing paid posts were a form of earning money from a blog, back in the early days of blogging. It was in vogue till about the late 2007 after which there was probably a decline in interest.

The poll conducted at Problogger showed that almost 77% of the readers at Problogger have never written a paid-post. Considering the fact that Problogger is amongst the blogs that have the largest readership base today, this figure is quite a significant one.

Should you write paid-posts?

What is the reason that you would not want to write paid-posts? Paid-posts are a good source of earning some good money. When I started blogging, I used to earn close to $500-$700 per month only by writing paid-posts on 4 of the blogs that I maintained.

When the earning potential is that good, why shouldn’t you write paid posts in your blogs? There are numerous other websites in addition to the ones that I have mentioned above that offer paid posts. With so many options available, you blog is sure to be accepted in at least a few of these.

If you are new at blogging, earning avenues are very few for you. You might be in the process of building traffic to your website. Less traffic means less income from your blogs. In such a scenario, if you are able to make a few quick bucks from writing paid posts, I do not think it is a bad deal at all.

Photograph courtesy Dani Simmonds