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Social Media – Get Appropriate Guidance!

August 6, 2012

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social mediaIt may not always be easier to become successful in using social media for your brand, organization or business, therefore, it is recommended to get proper guidance to start working on this platform. If certain important things are kept in mind, then it is possible to obtain fruitful results. Create a strategy before planning to work on social media and act on the following guidelines:

Perform several actions

Once you have started working on the social media, you should know that it requires several actions that need to be performed one after another. You can listen, learn, measure and engage in conversations and continue to perform these actions to improve your results. The series of actions include posting, listening to feedback, measuring effective posts, and work on improvements.

Rule with Content

The most important thing to consider in social media is the content. The content needs to be placed on the Facebook and Twitter to become effective on the internet. Your focus should be on the content before making a profile and make sure that you receive a continuous stream of information for posting on the profile. With the right mindset, you can get to know about the interest of the followers by finding news and making it a habit.

Get good position and value

In order to attract the people to follow your posts, you need to give valuable offers in the form of advice, news or entertainment. For giving an online personal face to your brand or company, you are required to share your opinions and insights about different aspects of your company or services that you are offering. It is important to know listening is more important in social media than sending or posting.

Get connected

Social media should be used to connect with the customers and followers. You should be ready to listen, learn, facilitate the connection and be open for feedback to your followers. In case of receiving critics, you should not ignore or delete it, instead accept and respond in the most cordial manner since social media is about being honest and open. You need to tell the people who you are and what your objective is otherwise they will consider you untruthful and fake.

In addition to these guidelines, some advice for posting content on Facebook and Twitter will help you in accomplishing your task with the use of social media.

Facebook is a social platform for the people to stay connected and share their updates while Twitter is to inform others about what you are doing. Therefore, the content posted on both Facebook and Twitter should be different. However, there is an option of sharing the tweets on Facebook, but there is no point of sharing similar posts and information using social media on two platforms. Interesting articles, cool pictures, and exciting videos can be posted on Facebook to inspire the people. On the other hand, Twitter should be used to share your views and insights about the links of videos and movies that you will share.

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