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Some New Ideas for Burnt Out Bloggers

November 13, 2012

Last Updated on - May 19, 2015  

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blogging ideasMany times a successful blogger will get burnt out. It is no wonder as a successful blogger knows that the best way to keep up the traffic on your blog is to be a consistent updater. Posting at least several times a week is the habit of a good blogger, but coming up with original ideas to write on over and over again can leave you feeling drained. I know I get that way some days.

So, to help you out, here are some new ideas for you to blog about:

  1. Technology – Did you know that spider silk is stronger than steel? Technological innovations are always a great topic to write about. The latest gadget for sale, the newest discovery, or the fastest program makes for great blog posts. Even if your blog does not have technology as a core focus, you can still integrate it into your blog posts. Because technology is such a hot topic around the world you might even be able to get in new readers that would otherwise miss your blog. Think creatively about how you can use technology in your writing.
  2. Health – Did you know that a sneeze can travel at over sixty five kilometers per hour? Sickness, fitness, diet and more all fall under the topic of health. There are so many things that can be covered under this topic. You can talk about vitamins or sports, exercise routines or fad diets, doctor’s offices or herbal remedies. You can even include your experiences with health issues like cancer, the flu, or other common ailments. People love to see a personal side in their blog reading, so anything you can include about your own life can be helpful to your traffic. Be sure not to offer medical advice without recommending they consult a doctor.
  3. Food – Did you know that the average person consumes 430 bugs every year? As disgusting as that thought is, food is a huge part of everyone’s life. After all, we have all got to eat. Food can cover a wide array of topics including restraint recommendations and reviews, recipes and cooking tips, diet foods and organic gardening, and even more. If you have a special diet or are familiar with one like vegan or vegetarian, then by all means share your recipes and experiences. There are whole blogs devoted to a certain style of eating. Gluten free diets are also big nowadays and recipes are always appreciated. If you can include picture it will make it more likely for your blog post to be picked up by social media outlets like Pinterest and Facebook.
  4. Beauty – Did you know that most lipstick contains fish scales? Lipstick, eye liner, mascara, blush, foundation, hair color, wigs, nail polish, and even lotion all fall under the category of beauty. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but beauty is also a huge and profitable industry. Use that profitability to your blog’s advantage by integrating beauty posts in your blog. If you have a lotion you swear by, a lipstick color or brand you love, or just a fetish for shiny hair, then share your experiences and knowledge.
  5. Fashion –Did you know that you get taller in space? Another popular category to write about and have read is fashion. All those tall, leggy models have to have something to do, right? Fashion changes so rapidly that people have a hard time keeping up. If you know the latest style or even just know what you do not like, then share your thoughts. This is definitely a category that needs images, so if you can include a few photos you will be better off. Talk about shoes, purses, hats and scarves. Write about the ugly dresses and slacks, ties and shirts. The ammo for this topic is nearly endless.
  6. Helpful Tips – Did you know that peanut butter will help remove chewing gum? For any parent whose child has a wad of gum stuck in their hair, this fact is a life saver. Tips and trick for around the home or office have great value to readers. Even the simplest ideas can help save someone time, effort, money and energy. You may know how to get blood out of a white shirt or how to clean the cache of your computer, but they may not. Share the simple tricks that get you through everyday life. Your readers will thank you for it and might even share a few helpful tricks of their own. Getting readers to interact with your blog is a great way to increase your traffic and your blog’s notability.
  7. How-to  – Did you know that plants grow better under glass? That is why greenhouses work so well! If you have some knowledge on how to do something a little more complex than a simple tip, by all means share it! How-to guides are blogging gold and last virtually forever. From how to clean your computer to how to build a greenhouse, to how to design a website, these guides provide helpful information in a series of simple steps. Everyone loves a well written how-to guide. Include images if you can to make it even more user friendly.
  8. Money – Did you know that it takes twelve bees their entire lifetime to make a single tablespoon of honey? Do not be a bee! Help others to learn how to make money and save the money they make. Money is always a hot topic to write on because it is so useful. Everyone needs more money or needs to know how to save money or both. If you can help them out, readers will flock to your blog. Share tips on jobs and employment or investments and risks. Whatever you are familiar with can be a valuable asset to someone else.
  9. Animals–Did you know that cat urine glows under a black light? Pets are a great topic to get people involved in your blog. Everyone loves to talk and read about pets. From cats and dogs to snakes and rats, we all have an animal story we can share. If you can integrate something about animals into your blog post, and include a cute or funny picture, then you will get a lot of traffic. Better yet, people will comment with their own funny, cute, sweet or terrifying animal escapades. This is a great way to get community involvement and real comments on your blog.
  10. Memory – Did you know that an owl’s eyes are bigger than its brain? It is a good thing that the same cannot be said for humans! Remembering things and keeping organized is something that many people struggle with. Tips for staying calm, cool and collected make for great blog posts. You can also offer help on herbs and minerals that help with memory retention, memory tricks to keep things in your brain, or just ways to keep track of day to day life. If your primary audience is older folks, then this is definitely a topic that is on their minds, so to speak. Games and puzzles that help with memory retention are also some topics you can write about in this category.

You can use these ideas for nearly any blog topic if you just think outside of the box and get creative. Use your knowledge and expertise to make your blog posts one of a kind and something that people will find helpful, useful, and informative. Even the most mundane subjects can turn into great blog posts if you go about writing it in the right way. Remember to have fun with your writing as your feelings come through in your blog posts. Good luck and happy writing!

Facts from: http://www.scienceworld.ca

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