Staying on top for the same content!

Staying-on-top“What to blog on?” is a vast topic and can take pages and days, if you trigger a discussion. But notable is the fact that more or, less most of the successful blogs cover almost the same topics or, are variants of a similar topic. Because most of us are afraid of taking risks, we too, tend to flow with the current and opt for a similar topic to blog on. But how would you sustain and grow your blog in such a competitive environment? What are the strategies you would adopt if you are to stay on top in such a jungle?

Success in  competitive environment comes with following the basics, which you can otherwise call as the ground rules. You need not invent the wheel. Just follow the basics to the core and your blog would get traffic and readers and would reach the top.

What are these basics? I would advice only 3 simple steps to be successful in blogging.

  1. Research – Whatever said would not be enough on this aspect. Success comes with research. Research your keywords, your niche within the broad topic that you are blogging on, content for your blogs etc. etc. Your content will give value to your readers only if it is well researched and written. It is your readers who would take your blog to the top position. So you have to give them value in your content. Adequately researched topics would have value in the sense that it would provide accurate information and tips to your readers.
  2. Content freshness – Update your blog regularly. Fresh content is what attracts readers. Don’t just keep writing about the same thing again and again. Provide content that adds value. For eg: if your blog is about cricket, don’t just write about the current matches and scores. Consider writing about how to choose the right bat or, how to grip the ball. The content that you write on can be off your regular topic, once in a while, but till the time that is a valuable read for your readers, it is fine.
  3. Promotion – Promote your blog in all forms. When I say promotion, I do not mean promoting it by doing a PPC ad. I would never do that. There are many other ways to promote your blog –
  • Social Networking sites like twitter, facebook, myspace etc. is what I prefer the most. Join them and participate actively in the conversations and you would gain quite a few readers.
  • Commenting on other blogs is what I prefer the next. Follow the basics of commenting and if your comments are valuable, you would get a good amount of traffic from this.
  • Article Marketing is another preferred way of getting readers and traffic. Write about 5-7 articles on the same topic as your blog and submit it to the article directories. Leave a link to your blog and your would see traffic coming in.

I have ensured that I follow these basics to the core and have been able to get serious readers to all my blogs till date. And because I enjoy researching and writing, I have not had to push myself into doing any of these, rather it comes naturally.

Photograph by thefirebottle under Creative Common License

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