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July 6, 2009

Last Updated on - May 21, 2015  

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Niche BloggingHow difficult is it to survive in a niche like that of “Make money blogging”?

Whenever a newbie internet marketer comes across a very successful blogger like Yaro Starak, Darren Rowse or, Carl Ocab and read their success stories, the primary instinct is to start a blog immediately on the same line as these successful bloggers. They buy a domain, get a hosting and install wordpress on it. Then they launch a blog on “Making money online blogging”.

Are you one such internet marketer, who started a blog on “making money online blogging”?

Are you frustrated at the poor results that your blog is showing and are not able to make a single cent out of your blog?

You are not on the wrong side of the road. There are millions other like you. In fact I too was like you. About 3 years back, I started a blog on “making money online blogging” and after 4 months discarded the entire blog because I was frustrated to the core as I was unable to match the competition of the more successful bloggers and I had zero visitors to my blog.

By this, I do not intend to say that you too should delete your blog, just because you are not getting enough visitors or, you are unable to match the competition. Rather what I wanted to say is that it is time that you started thinking and working differently, if you wish to succeed.

My blog here at DKSpeaks, is a “make money online” blog. But I knew that I will never be able to rank well for the term “make money blogging” or, “make money online blogging”. I knew I had to get into some kind of a niche in this market, if I am to rank in Google and get a bit of traffic. So I researched into this market with the help of my favorite niche keyword research tool – Micro Niche Finder, and I stumbled upon a very unique niche. It had a decent count of searches and there were very few results. I knew that this is my market. Today I rank the 5th for this niche on Google. (It is a business secret and hence I am not disclosing the details here. -:)

So what is it that takes to succeed in “make money online blogging” today? It is “Niche blogging”.

What is niche blogging?

Every market has a micro market in it. Let us consider the example of “Ringtones”. This is a market that Jeremy Schoemaker used to start off with his internet marketing business and is very competitive. When you research into this market you will come across other micro markets like – Cingular Ringtone, Sprint Rintones. Further you can find Cingular polyphonic rintones, Cingular trutones, Cingular MP3 ringtones. A bit more of research could lead you to markets like Cingular MP3 movie songs ringtones, Cingular MP3 Christmas songs rintones etc.

So this is what a niche is all about. When you start your blog, you will have to research enough to find a niche for yourself so that you have less competition and yet make a living out of the market.

How to succeed in Niche Blogging?

My friend Codrut Turcanu from Lazyblogging has an excellent resource to help you succeed in Niche Blogging. If you are determined to make money online blogging, then you should read his book on niche blogging – “Niche Blogging Profits”.

In this book he speaks about 7 secrets that he used to generate more than $35,000 from niche blogging. I got a chance to read his book and I decided that I would implement his techniques to one of my niche blogs in te career couselling and career development niche at BPODiary. In just one month, I was surprised to see that my visitor count increased by almost 215% and the revenue that I made from the blog was about $4,700 in comparison to a revenue of less than a $1,000 that I was making earlier.

Niche blogging is sure to help you succeed in making money online blogging. Check it out here.

P.S:- Get the book at a special discount if you order it today.

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  • I liked the way you defined Niche market with such illustrative example. I do not dare to blog on make money online as it is too competitive and feels dishonest to write about something which I have not achieved yet.

    • Hi Suresh,
      It is true that you should not write about something that you have not achieved yet. It is such writers who mislead newbie internet marketers into buying unnecessary things and spending a fortune before deciding that Internet Marketing is not worth it.

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