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Sunday Roundup – Internet Marketing has changed or, so it looks

October 7, 2012

It took me almost 90 minutes to find these posts from amongst the thousands of posts from around the internet. If you are wondering, why it took me so much of time, the truth is that I just couldn’t find some quality posts on a specific topic. Niche blogs are no more niche. Established bloggers barring a few write about things that are noway related to what their blog is about. Looks like Blogging has changed or, probably I am confused. Go ahead and let me know your thoughts –

What Your Affiliate Marketing Blog Needs
Having an affiliate marketing blog offers many benefits chief amongst them the ability to quickly and easily change your product offers! Imagine NOT having to invest the time and expense that typically goes into any new product development process! This is particularly beneficial to anyone …

What attracted me was the title of the article. Copyblogger is good at doing that and that is what they did at with this post as well. If you are wondering what you could learn from a failed Television writer, you better think again.

A Smart 8-Point Content Marketing Strategy From a Failed Television Writer
In network television a writer literally runs the show. They are appropriately named “showrunners” because they both write and oversee production. Dan Harmon was the showrunner for a critically acclaimed comedy TV series named Community that found a rabid online following, but never hit ratings. Throughout the 71 episodes that he wrote and created for…

Email marketing has always had a role to play in internet marketing – Build your list. But email marketing can also help your optimize your time, as is being talked about in this post.

How To Optimize Your Time Using Email Marketing
Marketing your business takes determination, inspiration and knowledge. Step one to creating an effective email marketing campaign will be gathering information, and this article is a great place to start. Read on for the best tips and tricks which industry leaders are currently using …

Zen Habits have always been a guiding force in every aspect of life. Discipline, punctuality and dedication are all essential traits of every blogger, rather Internet Marketer. This article on the “Art of being interesting” was indeed very interesting.

The Art of Being Interesting
“Be interesting.” It’s good advice, but it’s nothing new. You’ve probably known from the beginning that being able to interest readers is a crucial part of growing a popular blog. It’s pretty obvious that no one is going to stick around unless they find your blog interesting. But how are you supposed to do it….

Posting frequency has always been a problem for me. I never really cared about it until I realized its importance in reader engagement. Posting regularly to your blog increase interactions and your readers know that you are in business unlike somebody who posts once in a blue-moon.

Find the Ideal Frequency for Blogging and Email Marketing
This guest post is by Francis Santos of Benchmark Email. Blogging and email marketing are a lot alike. Okay, a lot might be stretching it, but they do share some similarities. For example, both are easy for beginners to use, are generally inexpensive, and great for business. Another quality these two internet-powered vehicles share is…

What does it take to be a winning writer? The question has been answered numerous times, but not enough. It is some very basic things that you need to keep in mind to join those best writers in the blogosphere.

Why Great Writers Win Out in the Blogosphere—And How to Join Them
This guest post is by Ali Luke of Writers’ Huddle. Is your writing holding you back? If new visitors never stick around, if you rarely get retweets, or if there’s tumbleweed blowing through your comments section, this might not be because you’re getting anything wrong in terms of promotion. There’s a chance that your writing…

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  • I’ve been trying to ‘break into’ the affiliate world for some time now. I like these suggestions and tips. Thanks! I especially liked the part about ‘Being Interesting” people always worry about being overweight but hardly worry if they are ‘interesting’ or not. LOL.

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