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Sunday Roundup – Wondering Why You are Still Struggling?

September 22, 2013

Last Updated on - September 5, 2016  

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Social MediaAs I read through the numerous articles and blog posts that I have subscribed to, in the last week, I realized one thing. Today’s internet marketing is only about 3 things:

  • Content
  • Social Media
  • and Whitehat Slow built SEO

One might feel that there is nothing new in it. You are grossly mistaken then. You probably did not notice the term “Only” in the above paragraph. Gone are the days when everything from automated link building from sites that mushroomed on the internet during the monsoons, only to be found nowhere the next monsoon… to buying links and stuffing keywords anywhere and everywhere including your names as you comment on other blogs. What is thriving today is planned and slow built Whitehat SEO.

Social Media is another aspect. It is going to need a slightly different term to use in the days ahead, because today Social Media is focussed on Google +, Pinterest, Facebook and to some extent Twitter. Of all these Facebook is once again the most used and discussed which will be evident in the below selection for this week’s roundup as well.

Hope you enjoy these handpicked articles from around the internet.

[nofollow]A Blogger Guide To Overcome The Fear Of Writing Guest Posts[/nofollow]
There is no second thought about benefits of writing guest post, and when ever I read about guest posting, I always get pumped up to write my first one.  No matter what, you need to write guest posts in order to make a name in blogosphere or build your brand. You can use some other resources like…

[nofollow]How To Decide Name of Your New Blog?[/nofollow]
Naming anything is one of the biggest task, because once you name anything, that becomes the future of that person/thing.  When ever I have to start a new blog or a website, my first few days goes in deciding the name of the blog. Since, Shout is a brand name for me, I usually add…

[nofollow]How To Embed a Google Plus Profile Hovercards in Your Posts[/nofollow]
Welcome to my RSS feed! Get my ebook free, Boost Your Social Media Traffic Overnight for subscribing.Do you know how to embed a Google Plus profile?  Recently, I wrote a post called The Men To Follow On G+ that seemed to baffle a lot of people. The reason for the questions that they had was…

[nofollow]YouTube Easiest Way To Make Money From Home
Once the person enters the web world; he sees so many options by which he/she can earn online. There are at least a dozen ways from where a person can earn money. These include blogging money, YouTube earning, eBook revenues, Freelance sites like oDesk and so on. But if we were to choose the best 2…

[nofollow]Marketing Lessons from the Top 5 Rapper Entrepreneurs
I didn’t started listening to hip-hop until 2006, when I discovered The Grey Album. It was a mash-up between Jay-Z and The Beatles. I was hooked. As I delved deeper into hip-hop, I was surprised to find how many rappers had become very successful entrepreneurs. It turns out Jay-Z’s started his fair share of companies…

[nofollow]How to Develop a Marketplace Site
Developing a website is not that easy as it involve loads of hard work and patience to do so. It is not possible for an ordinary individual to develop a professional website, only a professional developer can do so. Do you have any idea about marketplace website? Online marketplace is a …

[nofollow]7 Tips for Creating and Running Your First Membership Site
Does earning a regular monthly income and a bunch of loyal customers sound good to you? Let’s make it even better … what if these paying customers could be a great testing ground for your newest service or product ideas? And better still — what if you had the chance to spend time creating powerful,[…

[nofollow]JetPack Made Google Authorship Easy For Multi-Authored WordPress Blog
Jetpack is a WordPress plugin developed by Automattic team, which helps self hosted WordPress bloggers to enjoy the power of WordPress.com on self hosted WordPress Blog. Jetpack plugin is being updated on regular basis, and they are consistently adding new feature (modules) which will make blogging on WordPress easier. Specially, for non-technical people who need features,…

7 Simple Ways To Attract More People to Your Blog
This is a guest contribution from Ryan Currie at Spokeo. Blogging is an art and it takes practice to really get right. There are few things more frustrating than pouring your blood, sweat, and tears into a masterfully crafted blog post only to see the analytics at a standstill days after posting. Here are a…

11 Tips for Slaying Your Most Insidious Blogging Limiting Beliefs
This is a guest contribution from Ryan Biddulph. “Should I write this post? I do not know. I mean, it will probably go live in 1-2 months. 1-2 months is a long time. Not worth it.” These thoughts traveled through my mind a few minutes ago. Honestly. Limiting beliefs cripple most bloggers. A select few…

Why You Should Forget Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy
Welcome to my RSS feed! Get my ebook free, Boost Your Social Media Traffic Overnight for subscribing.Ok, I’ll admit, the title was simply a scam to get you here.  Your Pinterest marketing strategy is one of the most powerful social media strategies that you could ever have.  As Peg Fitzpatrick said, “Pinterest pins have the…

10 Killer Ways I’d Generate Traffic if I Started All Over
This is a challenge to those of you that are new to blogging and to those that are about to give up. Previously, when I started blogging I was thinking that traffic is a hard rock that will take years to crack. But now, generating traffic is as easy as sitting on a swing in…

Pinterest Experiments with Promoted Pins
Advertising is on the way to Pinterest, in the form of promoted pins in its search results. While Pinterest said it’s just a test for now, it assured users that the promoted pins will be tasteful, transparent, and offer a good user experience.

How to Turn the Google Analytics Visitors Flow Report Into Your Secret CRO Weapon
The Google Analytics Visitors Flow report is truly a handy way to visualize what’s happening on a website. Today’s the day you turn it into your secret conversion rate optimization weapon and glean big insights from it before your next test.

Understanding Link-Based Negative SEO
Negative SEO is a large concern for webmasters, especially those in competitive niches. Here are some distinctions about types of link-based negative SEO, and some insights and tips on how to protect your site, based on several real world examples.

13 Best Twitter Practices to Follow
Did you know, 400 million tweets are sent out per day! Yeah, to say the least Twitter can be an overwhelming social media platform to tackle. How do you use Twitter as an effective marketing tool with all of those other tweets out there?!

3 Reasons Why Your Facebook Marketing is Failing (And How to Fix It)
The problem with social media marketing is that it’s extremely easy to get tunnel vision. Every other article and news story gushes over some minutia that rarely warrants the excitement. Instead, it’s more helpful to look at everything from 30,000 feet and see how all the pieces fit together.

How Your Blog Can Save You From Your Job
Did you wake up this morning to the bliss banishing squeal of an alarm clock? Did you spend 5 minutes in the shower calculating the risk of calling-in sick? Did you spend 30 minutes enduring traffic hoping that you can get to work and back home today without spending a small fortune on gas? Have…

Courage to Differ: On Social Media and Importance of Loneliness
I have not written a casual blog for a long time now. But a few things that I read/saw yesterday coupled with my current condition forced me to get back on the …

Social Media PR: Enabling Two-Way Conversation | Young …
By Delia Mendoza Social Media is full of people trying to sell you something. While promoting products on social media is fine in moderation, constantly touting …

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