Sunday Roundup – The Best Posts from around the web on Blogging


I have been playing around with this thought of writing a weekly roundup post every week. A lot of blogs have been doing this and I, as a reader have been particularly impressed with this method of providing  a snapshot of relevant content from around the web. This has helped me a lot in the way that, I did not have to read through thousands of other posts to find the best ones.

The thought that my readers can also take advantage of such a form of presenting informative posts, if I write a weekly roundup, kind of pumped me up to toy around with the idea.

This week, in the the first of such a roundup, we will be looking at some of the best posts from around the web on the topic – Blogging. The topics have been presented in no order and I am sure you will gain something out of each of these posts.

Are You Wasting Time Guest Posting?

This guest post is by Dan Norris of Web Control Room. Guest posting is up near the top of every list of ways to grow your blog. The problem is, if you don’t do it correctly, you are more or less wasting your time. I’ve been writing guest posts for a long time as a….Read the full article

Learning To Market Your Products On Social Sites

When deciding to market your products within any of the many social communities found online your sales tactics will likely need to be altered! The sales and marketing strategies that give you the best results at social sites are much more subtle which calls for your patience and …Read the full article

How to create a social media marketing plan

You can’t have a good social media campaign without a good, solid plan. Here are the six steps that you will need to make in order to achieve that. The first step is determining your limits. Before you start making any plans, make sure you know how much time and money you are willing to …Read the full article

Are Your Recurring Blogging Tasks Making You Crazy?

This guest post is by Timo Kiander of What’s the one similarity between these blogging tasks? approving comments on your blog proofreading posts writing and preparing your post to be published (finding images, SEO, setting tags and categories, and so on) keeping yourself up to date with social media writing guest posts recording a video…Read the full article

How to be More Productive Online – 5 Proven Tips

The Internet gives us unprecedented power to produce, but it simultaneously offers unprecedented opportunity to distract ourselves. Slip into the bottomless abyss of email, StumbleUpon, YouTube, and your myriad social feeds… and you may as well throw your goals for the day out the window. But if you’re able to discipline yourself, harness the Internet’s power, and get things done efficiently… that means more time for your hobbies, your loved ones, and your passions. The secret to being more productive online isn’t much of a secret at all: it starts and ends with focus and discipline. But there are ways to make this focus and discipline much easier to obtain. I’ve outlined five proven tips below…Read the full article

How Any Blogger Can Become an Authoritative Blogger

This is a guest post by Rich Gorman. One of the most fascinating facets of the blogging community is how there are so many different bloggers, blogging for such different reasons. Some folks sign up for a free WordPress or, Blogger account and start firing away, simply for purposes of creativity or self-expression. And then there are others who become bloggers of authority, esteemed within the industry, wildly successful on the back of their blogging efforts. Of course, there are also folks stuck in the middle—those amateur bloggers who would like to be something more, who would like to see their blog transformed into a vehicle for real success. In the scheme of things, not many bloggers reach that tipping point, where they become really respectable and esteemed within their industry. I wonder, though, if that’s not because more bloggers simply don’t know how to become bloggers of authority. It’s true enough that there is no magic spell, no secret formula to turn yourself into an overnight blogging pro. There are, however, a few success-generating tips that can make any blogger into an authoritative blogger. These battle-tested techniques have worked wonders for me, and I am convinced that they will work well for you, too…..Read the full article

That’s all for the roundup today. We hope you enjoyed the collection of these article. Don’t forget to let us know you thoughts.


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