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Sunday Roundup – The Changing Face of SEO

October 29, 2012

Last Updated on - October 29, 2012  

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search engine optimizationFinally after about 4 weeks of Google Dance, my blog posts have regained its position on Google. The traffic to the blog, in fact has increased and is more than what it was just before my blog fell off the rankings post the EMD update.

For people who do not know about the EMD update, you can read my post on it and its consequences here.

With all these changes and movements in and out of the first page of Google, I felt a collection of the best posts on SEO and related stuff from around the web would be a great idea for the Sunday Roundup this week, more so because I missed the last week. So here is a collection of the best article from around the web on SEO and related search engine marketing.

  1. Deconstructing The Google EMD Update – Well, it’s official – no more free lunch for EMD, now that the Google EMD Update has launched. It worked well, for a long time. A whole industry of exact match…
  2. Content Zombies: How to Fight The Walking Dead – Google’s algorithm updates tried to prevent a zombie content apocalypse. It’s debatable whether these attempts have minimized the threat and were fair to the uninfected, but containment was necessary. Load up on SEO ammo and learn how to survive.
  3. How to Update Your Keyword Research Process for 2013 & Beyond – Quantify the business impact, keep a pulse on mobile, monitor social platforms, and be competitive. Incorporate these principles into your keyword research process and you’ll position your SEO campaigns for sustained revenue and customer acquisition…..
  4. 10 Lessons About Enterprise SEO – From giving SEO recommendations proper prioritization, to integrating social with SEO, and to developing a strong training and communication structure, these lessons will give you tangible ideas on how to improve your own enterprise SEO campaign….
  5. Multiple Domain Choice: SEO Considerations of Single vs. Multiple Domains – It can be tough to determine whether you should operate under one umbrella-website or under multiple domains. So what are the pros and cons for working with a single domain or multiple domains? Here are some important SEO considerations….
  6. Social marketing and search engine optimization – As you know, social media marketing is essentially an independent direction, which at the same time is widely used with other developing technologies, such as SEO (search engine optimization), in the end leading to …
  7. The Only SEO Your Blog Posts Need : @ProBlogger – This guest post is by The Blogger. Okay, I know you’ve read posts about SEO, PageRank, and other things we bloggers should all know about. This stuff is helpful, but it has come to overshadow some of blogging’s golden …
  8. Your Guide to Google’s EMD Algorithm Update | Search Engine – Google has unleashed yet another algorithm as part of a series of updates that are aimed at providing users with better search results and experience. This….

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