The $365K Blog Traffic Formula – A review


$365K Blog Traffic Formula

Chris Garrett, Daniel Scocco, Darren Rowse, Jack Humphrey, Jason Katzenback, Matt Garrett and Yaro Starak.

What is it that they have in common, other than the fact that they are all successful Internet Marketers?

Tried of guessing? Or, probably you might have had a couple of hundred guesses. But, you are wrong. Let me give your the answer.

They all play a character in an interesting book.


You ought to be.

Have you ever seen all of these people together at one place? It is unlikely, because each of them is an internet celebrity today and their names itself is a money-spinner. Is there a way, we can meet them all together and share their views and ideas about blogging?

I was surprised when I got to see all of them together in an ebook that was released by the MaxBlogpress group and written by Pawan Agrawal.

I was lucky enough to get a copy of this ebook and Pawan wanted me to review the ebook before it was scheduled to launch. The ebook is scheduled for a launch on Tuesday, June 23, 2009.

Review of $365K Blog Traffic Formula:-

I would be very blunt in this review and will want to tell you the facts because most of the ebooks that you come across these days are full of crap and unnecessary hype.

Rarely would you be able to see all the above said established bloggers at one place and rarely would you be able to know their view and suggestions. This book does that for you. For me, that in itself would be a PUSH to buy the book.

You can either download 7 different ebooks from all of these authors and read through about 400-500 pages of these books to learn the tactics and ways that they have been using to generate traffic for their websites. But it is a normal tendency to download an ebook and let it rest in your hard-drive especially if the book is a bit too large.

Or, you can download this book where you have about 70 odd pages of pure information – to the point, with each of the above Bloggers sharing their ideas of generating traffic to your blogs.

The best things – There are quite a few very interesting things in this ebook and I find this very valuable –

  1. The ebook is in the form of a Q&A with the bloggers. Hence it is precise and is free of all the normal yada-yada that authors use to fill up pages in their ebook.
  2. The Questions asked are very precise and to the point and of value. Moreover, the questions are more or, less uniform. When all these bloggers answer the same set of questions, you can evaluate the various options that they suggest, thus arriving at about 6-7 different things that you can use for your blog. This will give you a juice of the best ideas from the best bloggers.
  3. The ebook uses simple language and the steps explained by each of the bloggers are to the point.
  4. The book focuses on Blogs only. Unlike other books that start with what blogging is and move into internet marketing, creating websites, hosting etc. etc., $365K Blog Traffic Formula, only speaks about blogging, creating content for your blogs and getting traffic to your blogs.
  5. There are a lot of different and extremely useful strategies mentioned in the book – the ones that these successful bloggers have used to generate traffic. If you are able to replicate even 10% of these strategies, you should be able to get enough traffic to your blogs.

Not the best things

  1. The preciseness of the book makes it a bit too much to the point in the case of a couple of bloggers. A few of the strategies mentioned in the book required a bit more explanation, which could have helped. But a couple of these bloggers seemed to be short of time, because of which they were very precise, thus resulting in an incomplete discussion of a strategy.
  2. The book could suffer from a too-much-of-information syndrome. When such big name in the blogosphere start explaining traffic-generation methods, people who are new to blogging, could get confused with so much of information.
  3. The author has ensured that he asked the same set of questions to all the bloggers. This meant that some more questions that could have helped delve into details of certain strategies had to be kept out thus resulting in a blunt end to the discussion.


Though there are a few things that could have been given more attention, the book, more or, less meets the expectations. The information in the book is extremely valuable and is worth the amount that you pay for the ebook.

At the price that the book is made available at, it is a steal of a deal. This book, I feel is a must-have for people starting out on their blogging journey or, the ones who are finding it difficult to get traffic to your blogs.

You can download the book here, once it is lauched on the 23rd of June.