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The Impact of a Strong Logo on Marketing

May 6, 2012

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Importance of logo

This is a guest post by Mark on the importance of a Logo. You can read the guidelines for guest posting at our guest posting guidelines page.

The logo of a business is often the most recognizable aspects of the brand. The logo not only tells customers that the products are created by that brand but gives customers something that is a strong, immediate visual cue that represents that business. When a company doesn’t have a logo or has a weak and forgettable one, the name of the company is often easier to forget and may be judged as amateurish or even generic.

In every industry, having a company logo is expected as an important part of brand building and marketing.

Creating Trust

When customers look for a company to do business with or buy a product from, they want to have confidence that the company takes their business seriously and is there to stay. From food products to legal services, any product or service is largely sold through trust earned by the company. The logo of that company is a significant part of that trust. Without a logo, a business appears unprofessional and even unstable to a large segment of potential customers.

Customers remember a strong logo, allowing them to see the company as one that will endure. When they see the logo again later, they have a better sense of the stability of the company.

Building Your Brand

Trust and brand recognition are the two building blocks that create the foundation for a company’s growth. When customers see a logo, they not only remember what the company sells, they remember their own experiences with the company. Customer service and product satisfaction are important aspects of a business, and both of those aspects are immediately recalled when a past customer sees a logo. If you’ve put time, effort and money into creating positive customer experiences, you risk losing the memory of those experiences without a logo to place them firmly into the mind of the customer.

People remember what they see better than what they read and that is the principle behind creating a visual image to create memories in the public. A strong logo is often what customers most associate with a brand. Think of how you feel when you see the McDonalds arches or the round Starbucks logo. With these iconic symbols, these brands have created a cohesive following of people who recognize the logo and have an immediate reaction to it. In many ways, the logo is the one memorable visual representation of a brand. It is often the first thing that customers think of when they think of your company, making it vital to have a strong, professional logo.

Marketing Materials and a Strong Logo

Seeing a logo on a business’ sign is one way to keep the brand visible to customers. However, the logo’s representation of your brand doesn’t end there. Your stationary, brochures, door hangers, fliers, website, email signature and anything else that you use to market your business should feature it prominently. The marketing materials may be the first time your customers find out about your brand, and keeping the logo there is the best way for them to begin to associate it with your company. Once the association is made, customers will remember what you sell and remember you the next time they need it.

Having a visual representation is particularly important when your company’s name is long or simply unfamiliar to most people. The logo provides a visual shortcut to help customers remember it. It also keeps you separate from your competition in the minds of consumers. To ensure that your logo does this, the logo should be distinctive and original. The more distinctive and unique it is, the better customers will be able to differentiate it from the other logos they see each day. Then, when your marketing materials appear, they know immediately which company they’re from.

Changing Your Brand

When you revamp your company, either by changing its direction or simply by updating it in some way, changing your logo is a fast way to convey that to customers. Companies often unveil a change in their brand by unveiling a new logo. A logo leaves such a lasting impression that as soon as customers see a new version of one; they know that something within the company has changed.

About the Author:

Matt Jones frequently contributes on behalf of Icon ID, a nationally recognized signage display company Matt’s expertise lies in all things related to custom signage and sign design, and is enthusiastic about the impact signage and logos can have on your target demographic.

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